Developing services for Individuals with Disabilities [DECIDE].

DECIDE  aims to foster the rights of individuals with special needs to access education and enjoy the right of participation in everyday society, to combat discrimination of the individuals with special needs by instilling awareness and acceptance in society as in line with Bologna Process and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Objective of ASPIRE

The objective of the project lay in three strand implementation of a comprehensive sustainable curriculum in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan for following target groups:

  • Teacher Trainer Educators and Lecturers (Universities)
  • Government & State Employee & Policymakers (Public Administration Educators);
  • NGO (Non-university Educators).

Outputs and outcomes of ASPIRE

Training program, constructed from 8 modules (special needs introductory (practical) modules and special needs advanced modules) embed in curricula of universities, public administration institutes and in special needs NGOs to ensure maximum transfer effect to society at large.

The Access Liaison Officer role will be developed and established at each institution to promote disability access

National Special Needs Awareness Day will be established by the nationally strategic Action Groups comprised of universities, public administration institutes, Ministries and NGOs.

Minutes of the online meeting of working groups of partner universities from Kazakhstan

Report of the meeting of the working group of the project DECIDE May 6, 2019

Report of DECIDE project working group meeting

Seminar at the Dresden Technical University

First coordination meeting kata by project of EU ERAZMUS + DECIDE 574157

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