International cooperation

The main directions of international cooperation development:

* Cooperation with foreign organizations, embassies, universities and scientific centers on establishment and extension of international connections.  

* Inviting foreign scientists to deliver lectures and conduct practical lessons for students.

* Academic mobility of students and teaching staff.

* Internship of university’s lecturers at foreign universities and scientific centers.

* Coordination activities on implementation of educational and scientific projects in cooperation with foreign universities and scientific centers.  

* Activities with foreign students.

* Organization of theoretical and practical teaching of students abroad.

* Concluding agreements and memorandums on cooperation with foreign universities and organizations.  

* Organization of English language courses with native speakers for teaching staff.

  • University cooperates with 26 international organizations and programs from 9 countries across the world: TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, FAO, (European Union), TIKA, Mevlana Exchange Program (Turkey), MASHAV, (Israel) IAMO, LOGO e. V., Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, DEULA, DAAD, APOLLO, John Deere, CLAAS, Wiehenstephan-Triesdorf (Germany), AF (French Alliance), ESA (France), Qualita Studio, FederBio, (Italy), Cochran Fellowship Program, USDA, USAID, Borlaug Fellowship Program, FULBRIGHT, (USA), JICA (Japan), Chinese Machinery Institute (People's Republic of China).
  • University has signed approximately 200 agreements and memorandums on cooperation with universities and scientific centers from 25 countries across the world.
  • Kazakh-German international master course “Agrarian management” functions.
  • Kazakh-Chinese center of science and education functions.
  • Students annually take part in summer semester on theoretical and practical training in the leading enterprises and farmsteads of Germany, France and People’s Republic of China.
  • Students and master students annually study according to program of academic mobility at universities of Italy, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Finland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey and Estonia.
  • Students of university are delivered lectures and conducted practical lessons by foreign scientists form the leading universities of Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Malaysia, USA, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Belarus, People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Australia, Finland and Russia.
  • Foreign students from China, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaidzhan and Afghanistan study according to bachelor’s and master’s programs.
  • Students and lecturers successfully participate in competitive selection of candidates to award international scholarship «Bolashak» of the President of the RK.
  • For teaching staff English language courses with native speakers from the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hungary are organized annually

List of contracts and memorandums of KATU with foreign universities see below