Kazakh-Chinese Center of Science and Education

Kazakh-Chinese Center of Science and Education (KCCSE) was established in June 2010 as a result of long-term cooperation between S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University (KATU) and Xinjiang Agricultural University (XAU). The main objective of the Centre is the mutual exchange of bachelor, master and PhD students in the framework of mobility, updating cooperation in the field of science and education between two countries and carrying out mutually beneficial work. At present time, the Centre carried out the following work:

  1. In the field of education:
  • More than 500 students attended Chinese language
  • Since 2015-2016 academic year the Chinese language has become the elective course. KATU is the first technical university, which has implemented Chinese language as elective discipline.
  • Since 2010, more than 500 bachelor, master, PhD students and teaching staff of KATU visited
  • On June 2014 the "Education Fair" of leading Chinese universities was held in
  • In 2016, China's Ministry of Education has agreed to open an "Agrarian Institute of Confucius" on the basis of

On May 2016, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan has allocated 23 grants of the Chief Ambassador to the teaching staff and students who will be able to pass a short-term internship in Xinjiang Agricultural University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and China Agricultural University.


           2. In the field of science:

      • More than 500 people mutually visited Kazakhstan and the PRC in the framework of scientific
      • On September 2013, the Minister of Science and Technology of the PRC, Mr. Wang Gang visited KCCSE in the framework of the official visit, has given a positive assessment of cooperation in the field of science between two countries. Mr. Wang Gang in his speech pointed out the mutual realization of various research projects between KATU and scientific organizations of the PRC. In 2014 "Kazakh-Chinese Center for Agriculture Mechanization" was created in KATU; since 2014, KATU with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and Xinjiang Agricultural University decided to establish a "Scientific laboratory on biosafety".
      • On November 2015, academician Bai Chunli, the President of Chinese Academy of Science during an official visit visited KATU. The Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Science together with the Department of Forestry are implementing the project "Green Belt of Astana".
      On July 2016, KATU with the China quality certification center (CQC) are planning to hold the international conference "Organic agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan." The scientists of CQC delivered lectures to the specialists of University on the theme "Standardization and Evaluation of organic products".


    The scientific council of KATU taking into account the achievements of this work, awarded Mr. Luo Chyuzhan, rector of Xinjiang Agricultural University with the title "Honorary Professor". Universities and research institutions of the PRC like Xinjiang Agricultural University, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Medical University, Shihezi University, Xinjiang Science Academy of livestock, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Science have shown great interest in cooperation withKATU S.Seifullin. It is also significant to point out that KATU cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science and China Agricultural University.