Public and real sector finances

Public and real sector finances


Master of Economic Sciences in the educational program "Public and Real Sector Finance 

Code and classification of the field of education: 7М04

Code and classification of training areas: 7М041

Code in International Standard Classification of Education: 0410 

Duration of training: 1 year – profile; 2 years – scientific and pedagogical 

Form of study: full-time

Short description of the scope of knowledge

Profile magistracy implements educational programs of postgraduate training for the financial system with in-depth training. The educational program is applied in nature training. The graduate of the profile magistracy can carry out professional, analytical, consulting activities in state bodies of various levels; financial companies, investment funds, economic services of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, in positions requiring higher economic education, according to the qualification directory of positions of managers and specialists. 

Scientific and pedagogical magistracy implements educational programs of postgraduate training for the system of higher, postgraduate education and research sector with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training in the field of Finance. A graduate of the master's degree in scientific and pedagogical direction should have fundamental scientific and professional training, possess modern information technologies, including methods of obtaining, processing and storing scientific information, be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, plan and conduct research/experimental research activities in the chosen specialty, teach at universities, successfully carry out research and management activities. 

The purpose and objectives of the educational program

The purpose of the educational program is to prepare highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of financial and banking activities who are able to scientifically substantiate and analyze the trends in the development of the financial system, its role in regulating the reproduction processes in the country, the directions of monetary policy, to develop scientifically-based recommendations for improving financial banking legislation in order to form an innovative economy.

Main tasks:

- deepening of theoretical and practical training in the chosen direction of science and pedagogical activity;

 - developing the ability to self-improvement and self-development, the needs and skills of self-creative mastering new knowledge;

- implementation of research and management activities;

- acquisition of skills for organizing and conducting research, obtaining the necessary groundwork for continuing research in doctoral studies;

- obtaining the necessary minimum knowledge in the field of university pedagogy and psychology, as well as teaching experience in high school. 

The opportunity to continue their education

Graduates who have successfully mastered the educational master's programs are prepared for doctoral studies. 

A summary of the programme

The educational program has been developed in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework and professional standards, and is coordinated with the Dublin descriptors and the European Qualifications Framework. The educational program is designed on the basis of a modular system for the study of disciplines and consists of 4 modules that form general cultural and professional competencies.

The relevance of educational programs is confirmed by the fact that employers of the specialty “Finance” reviewed and gave reviews on updated modular educational programs, educational and methodological complexes in the disciplines of the magistracy by the following employers:

1) Sarsenbayev B.A. - Master of Economics and Business, Managing Director of the VIP center of JSC "Zhusan Bank";

2) Nurseyit T.A. - Chief Manager of JSC "Agrocredit Corporation".

3) Head of the Department of Organizational Work of the DGD of Saryarka District of Nur-Sultan - Yergaliyev D .;

4) Head of the Planning and Economic Department of Nur-Sultan Kurylys Materialdary JSC Shchestkova TA


Areas of professional activity:

- financial and cash flow management, as well as financial control in commercial organizations, including financial and credit, non-profit organizations, public authorities and local self-government, non-governmental and public organizations;

- research of financial, monetary, credit markets in academic and departmental research institutions, non-governmental research funds and organizations, consulting and investment companies;

- pedagogical activity in institutions of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education. 

Professional competence:

  •  to know the theory and practice of financial relations of corporations in a market economy, especially the organization of Finance of enterprises of various forms of ownership and management;
  •  be able to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects;
  •  possession of skills and methods of budgeting of the company.
  •  knowledge of the theory and practice of financial relations of corporations in a market economy, especially the organization of Finance of enterprises of various forms of ownership and management;
  •  knowledge of the legislation of Kazakhstan, IFRS and ISA;
  •  knowledge of methodical bases of anti-crisis management of the company;
  •  to know the main macroeconomic models of regulation in the economy;
  •  to know the basic methods and methodology of regulation of monetary circulation in the economy;
  •  to use methods and techniques of enterprise and personnel management to promote the product;
  •  to generalize the advanced experience in management of Bank product and promote it at the present stage;
  •  to master the skills of financial decision-making in conditions of inflation, crisis;
  •  to apply knowledge and methodologies of effective management of operations in modern financial markets;
  •  the ability to identify the main problems and issues of economic management of the country;
  •  the ability to generalize the advanced experience in management of Bank product and promote it at the present stage;
  •  to be able to analyze existing concepts critically, theories and approaches to the analysis of processes and phenomena;

 to acquire knowledge in the field of the fundamentals of the functioning of the state budget; 

Place of the program in the national ranking of the NAAR 

Place of the program in the national rating of the NAAR (independent accreditation and rating agency) - 6 

Contact person to whom you can contact with additional questions:

Head of the Department of Finance Baymagambetova Zamzagul Baymagambetova


010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, 62, Pobedy Ave., Main building,

phone: +7 (7172) 395-807,