The second higher distance education with the usage of distance learning technologies


1. Individuals that have University degree can enter our University at a fee-contract basis and obtain second University degree.

Second University degree is another degree from higher educational institution in addition to the one obtained previously. There can be different reasons to obtain second or third higher educational degree. Some would like to become more competitive in the modern labor market, whereas others would like to train for a new profession and alter the sphere of his activity or career radically for to receive a more decent salary, to make their career a successful one. Moreover, second higher educational degree will also give the possibility to pick occupations you’re fond of, to find jobs that are interesting as well as to make your dreams become real.

Second higher educational degree is not only an opportunity to succeed in your career, it is also an effective way to extend your knowledge further, to develop your capabilities, abilities and reveal your personality from a new angle as well as opening new possibilities for self-development.

2. Individuals that have vocational secondary education (college degree) can obtain higher educational degree according to related specialty at a fee-contract basis.

It doesn’t matter why you need diploma. We will help you to get what you want in the shortest time.

As vocational education study programs of higher education, S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro-Technical University named offers education in bachelor courses according to extra-mural form of study where distance learning technology is applied.

Bachelor’s program is a systemic training for those, who decide to have a new profession, radically different from the previous University degree. That is to say, having degree in Management and Economy to shift to Electric Power or a Programming, being a Philology Bachelor to shift to a Lawyer.

Vocational education study programs of higher education of short terms of education period are aimed at training highly qualified specialists in accordance with industry needs with the qualification and (or) “Bachelor’s” degree.



  1. Convenient form of study

You can study the courses of higher education offered by the University in a convenient way of extra-mural form of study. According to the model regulation extra-mural students manage 80% of learning material by themselves.

  1. Shortterms of education period

The academic process of distance higher education in the University is realized on short educational programs with accelerated training period, as a rule, the term of education in average is 2.5-3 years, unlike standard full-time Bachelor’s course that lasts 4 years.

  1. Application of distance learning technologies.

Distance learning technologies is kind of learning where information and communication technologies and telecommunication means are used at mediated (at a distance) or not fully mediated interaction between student and teaching staff.

  1. Only fee-based education

According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, part-time higher education is possible only on a contractual basis. The cost of distance learning on extra-mural form is at the same time considerably lower than full-time study in a bachelor degree. Thus, a student fully mastersa new specialty, acquires knowledge and forms abilities, skills and competence that are relevant to the requirements of modern labor market.

  1. Entering University

So as to enter S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro-Technical University S.Seifullin on the specialties of second higher education you don’t need to pass entrance exams, it is enough to be interviewed by enrollment board.

Integration test is passed by those who graduated college. Matching of specialties is defined in the list of related specialties

The list of the specialties of short term of education

Admission of the seekers that have higher educational degree or vocational secondary education degree (after a college) to short term of education on a fee basis is carried out by the enrolment board of the university.

For individuals that have vocational secondary education (after college) deadline for submitting the documents for integration test is from June, 20 up to July, 9.

For individuals that have University degree deadline for submitting the documents to the enrollment board is from June, 20 up to August, 25.

Documents you need to pass at enrollment:

  • Statement;
  • Diploma of Higher Education with the application (the original);
  • Integration Test Results Certificate (after college);
  • Medical certificate №086 / Y with fluoro;
  • Photo of 3x4 cm size (6 photos);
  • A copy of the ID;
  • Document confirming employment from work place (for those who have a job);
  • Contract;
  • Receipt of payment for tuition (after interview).

Nostrification of the documents on higher education

Nostrification of educational documents is a procedure performed to determine the equivalence of certificates given to individuals who have received education in other states, international or foreign educational institutions (their branches);

Nostrification of education documents means to provide holders of the above mentioned documents of the same academic and / or professional rights as the holders of documents of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian language.

Those who have received education in other states, international or foreign educational institutions (their branches) need to undergo the procedure of nostrification of higher education documents. This nostrification procedure should be carried out according to the order specified by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan before or after enrollmentof the individuals during the first semester.

Documents of higher education issued by foreign higher education institutions, for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the holders of the international “Bolashak” scholarship are recognized in the Republic of Kazakhstan without the recognition procedure or nostrification.

Enrollment in higher education

Enrollment of admission seekers to the University of Kazakhstan Republic is carried out according to the model regulations of admission to study in the educational institutions, realizing vocational academic programs of higher education.

Enrollment in the number of students is carried out by the Enrollment board from 10 to 25.


Issued document on completion of training is a state diploma with the application (transcript).

Those who have successfully completed training in the professional curriculum of higher education with the award of the academic degree “Bachelor” can occupy posts for which the qualification requirements demand degree of higher education. 

For more information on admission, enrollment, distance learning, transfer from other universities, re-registry, etc., please contact the staff of the Institute of training and distance learning of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro-Technical University S.Seifullin.

Our address: Nur-Sultan, 62 Pobeda Av.

Inquiries by phone: (717-2) 31-06-55; 48-12-44

E-mail: ipkatu@mail.ru

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