Students contingent

The contingent of students in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral PhD programs amounted to 12681 people on October 1, 2020-2021 academic year, including:

- undergraduate students - 11690 people, including on full-time  - 11224, on half time - 466 students. On the kazakh department- 7518 students, including - 7349 on full-time  and 169 on half time   forms  education. The number of the students  are studying on the state educational grant made 6859 people (61,1%  total  students), including on the kazakh department – 4999 (72,9% of total number of grant). The contingent of foreign students made 128 people.

- students enrolled in postgraduate education - 991 people, including 837 for master's degree programs, 154 for doctoral studies. The number of students enrolled on the basis of a state educational grant is 749, including 609 for master's degrees and 140 for doctoral studies, which amounted to 75.6% of the total contingent of postgraduate education. Education in the specialties of Master and Doctoral PhD is carried out in full-time, in three languages ​​(state, Russian and English).

The analysis of data from 2018 shows that the students contingent  of full-time education and half time  forms of education (table 1) decreased on average by 3,6%. But at the same time, the contingent of students on an educational grant increased by 16.8%.

 The share students in a state language increased since 2018 on full-time tuition 15,5%.

The movement of the contingent occurs as a result of deduction, transfer, restoration of students, abandonment for a second year of study and provision of academic leave in accordance with QMS 02.2040 - 2020 "Regulation on the procedure of expulsion, transfer, re-admittance and granting leave to students in S. Seifullin KATU"