Summer term

Summer semester is a part of the educational process at the university and is organized for the accelerated and / or additional training; elimination of academic discipline arrears; eliminating the difference in training programs to transfer students from one high school to another one, and from one specialty to another.

The duration of the summer term is 6 weeks, including 1 week to the registration for courses, 4 weeks to the theoretical training and one week is the final test (exam week). Education in the summer semester is carried out on a fee basis. DateofthesummertermfromJune 10 toJuly 13, 2013

Additional disciplines are submitted to the summer semester, including students from other universities, and the subjects which students have not mastered the curriculum. A student can register no more than 9 credits no later than one week before the start of the summer semester to master the credits on additional disciplines in terms of the summer semester.

In the summer semester students are given the opportunity to study courses leading university professors in various specialties and undergraduate educational programs in the Kazakh and Russian languages using modern interactive teaching methods. Completed discipline and credits will be read at your university as electives. Students enrolled in the summer semester, will be provided with a dormitory, access to a library, Internet resources, etc.