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Omarkozhauly Nurbergen

Omarkozhauly Nurbergen


Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

office  8215, Tel. 8 (777) 264 37 24


Sphere of scientific interests

- Livestock, livestock production technology

- Feeding, feed production technology


Subjects taught:

Feeding of farm animals, scientific foundations of rational feeding of animals, detailed feeding of highly productive farm animals, feed and feed additives.




Zootechnical Faculty of the Almaty Zooveterinary Institute, specialty "Zootechnics"


Work experience


Junior Researcher, Department of Feeding for Agricultural Animals, AZVI


Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of  Feeding for Agricultural Animals AZVI


 since 2005

Professor of the Department of Feeding for Agricultural Animals, Kazakh National Agrarian University

Professor of the Department of Technology of Production and Processing of Livestock Products, KazATU

Professional advancement   

- Distance learning technologies (BA certificate № 04151 dated 16.09.2020)

- Innovative development of animal husbandry (certificate №134 dated 09.04.2021)

Awards, certificates of honor



Author of over 120 publications. The most important in the presented areas are:

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  4. The problem of the nutritiousness  forages estimation //«Science Review», 1/2011, s. 31-34
  5. Adaptability and Productive Qualities of Imported Beef Cattle under the conditions of Kazakhstan//«Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia» - 13/2016.s. 531-538
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