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The Faculty of Agronomy was founded on October 3, 1957 with the aim of preparing highly qualified agronomists for the northern regions of Kazakhstan.  

Over the entire period of activity, the faculty trained more than 8000 specialists, most of whom are specialists and managers of large industrial organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, including state institutions, large agricultural joint-stock companies and partnerships, as well as teachers and scientists. In its profile, the faculty is one of the leading in Central and Northern Kazakhstan.

Five departments comprise the Faculty of Agriculture:

Training of 5 specialties is carried out at three levels of education:

Specialists are trained at three levels of education:

Crop Education Program Group – Bachelor     

Group of educational programs "Environment" – undergraduate

  • Educational program B051 - "Environmental Management"  
  • Educational program B051 - "Agroecology"

Group of educational programs "Forestry" – undergraduate

Group of educational programs “Crop Production” – Master

Group of educational programs "Forestry" – master    

  • Educational program M133 - "Forestry economy"

Group of educational programs "Crop Production" - doctoral studies

Group of educational programs "Forestry" - doctoral studies

The faculty of the agronomy faculty includes more than 140 highly qualified specialists, including 12 doctors of sciences, 44 candidates of sciences, 15 doctors of philosophy. Three teachers are graduates of the Bolashak program, 10 have the academic title of professors, 25 are associate professors. The winners of the state grant "The Best University Teacher" are 8 employees of our faculty, two of them have been awarded this title twice. 13 teachers conduct classes in English.  Various departmental awards and certificates awarded 23 professionals: in 2017, 2 teachers awarded the "Құрмет грамотасы" MES RK, 1 employee was awarded the badge "For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" MES RK, in 2018, and 1 member of the faculty with years of experience in the field of agriculture awarded the Order of Kurmet. 3 PhD doctors in 2017 won the state scholarship of Talented young scientists of MES RK.

Conducting research and practical training are carried out on the basis of experimental and production laboratory "Biotechnology of microorganisms", "soil Laboratory", "Phytotron" and 9 training laboratories that meet the level of equipment all the necessary requirements.

The University established two research centers - Scientific and educational innovative center of agrobiological researches Scientific and innovative center of phytosanitary monitoring, protection and quarantine of plants, where are the research scientists of the faculty.  

For students in the direction of forest resources and forestry formed educational, scientific and industrial complex "Saryarka", located in Shchuchinsk; for students in the direction of "agronomy", "soil science and Agrochemistry", "plant Protection and quarantine" - the University campus, located 40 km from Nur Sultan.

The above training bases are equipped with modern equipment, instruments and equipment, infrastructure and communications high level. 

The Department implements scientific - educational projects in the framework of the European Union program "ERASMUS+", which, in conjunction with foreign universities, developed and implemented in the educational process of the master educational program of the specialty "agronomy" and "Forest resources and forestry" project "EPASAT", developed internal quality assurance system on the project "IQAT".
In the framework of international cooperation, 4 scientific studies are conducted jointly with the CNR at the faculty. 14 scientific projects are implemented on the basis of grant, program-targeted financing and agreements with business entities.

The scientific direction of the faculty of agronomy is concentrated on the complex of biologically and economically justified systems of land use based on the principles of ecologization and resource conservation, ensuring sustainable productivity of agricultural land and reproduction of soil fertility.

The faculty cooperates with 78 universities and scientific organizations from 15 countries. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, 34 enterprises and organizations are partners of the faculty.

Employability of graduates of the faculty in 2019 amounted to 87 %. In the national rating of the Independent accreditation Agency and rating in 2019, 2 specialties of the faculty took the 1st place at the bachelor's and master's levels, 2 specialties - the 2nd place, 4 specialties took the 2nd place at the doctoral level.

In the Top of the national rating 10 educational programs of bachelor's and master's took 1st place.

The Dean of the faculty since 2014 is candidate of agricultural Sciences, Professor Stybaev Gani Zhasymbekovich. Under his leadership, in the nomination "Best faculty" division holds the championship on the results of work performed within the University.

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