Maikanov Balgabay Sadepovich

Doctor of Biological Sciences
 Office: 8124
Contact phone:+ 7(7172) 436-867
Sphere of scientific interests
Veterinary, food safety, veterinary and sanitary expertise       
Delivered disciplines
Forensic veterinary medicine, Veterinary and sanitary expertise of livestock products, Theory and methods of experiment, Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise of livestock products under the influence of technogenic factors
Main research areas
Safety of livestock products, Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Food safety 
Current research projects
  1. №AP05130808 “Proton-M” carrier rockets launch and its impact on the environment and development of methods of detoxification”;
  2. №AP05132302 “The issues of the ecological situation in Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone and development of veterinary and sanitary measures” 
Domestic and foreign colleagues
Gaiping Zhang, PhD, Professor, President of Henan Agricultural University of China; Analytical laboratory of RSE SRC “Garysh-Ecology”, TRLEP SCRER Semey; RSE on REM “National Center of Expertise” CPHP MH RK; P.A. Stolypin OSAU 
Master and PhD course students working under the supervision
  1. P. Seidenova, G.T. Ismagulova, Z. Serikkyzy, G. Abakanova and Z. Yusupova. 


Tselinograd Agricultural Institute, specialty: veterinary



Postgraduate study at K.D. Glinka Voronezh State Agrarian University, RF

Work experience


Veterinarian in Korgalzhyn district of Akmola region


Candidate of Veterinary Sciences (specialty 16.00.06 - Veterinary Sanitation, Ecology, Animal Sanitation and Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise), assistant of the Department of Parasitology and Epizootology of Akmola Agrarian University;


Dean of the Veterinary faculty of the Akmola Agrarian University, in 2001 defence of the doctoral thesis in Kazan, Russia;


Professor of the Department “Veterinary Sanitation”, Head of the AMA S. Seifullin KATU;

2009- 2012.

Vice-Rector of Research and International Relations S. Seifullin KATU



Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry of the S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro technical University


Awards, Certificates of Honor
  1. Certificate of Honor by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1996); 
  2. Certificate of Merit by S. Seifullin KazATU, for fruitful work in the management of RWS (1997);
  3. A Letter of Gratitude from B.S. Alimzhanov - the rector-president of KazAU (2002);
  4. Award Pin “Honored worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2002);
  5. State Grant holder as “The best teacher of a higher educational institution” (2006);
  6. A letter of gratitude from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007);
  7. Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007);
  8. Award Pin “In Commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of S. Seifullin KATU” (2012);
  9. “Medal of Merits in the development of science of RK” (2013);
  10. Medal in honor of the 100th anniversary of Professor N.T. Kadyrov (2016);
  11. Medal in honor of the 60th anniversary of JSC “S. Seifullin KATU” (2017);
  12. State Grant holder as “The best teacher of the University” (in 2017).
Advanced training courses
  • University Weinstefan Germany (June 1997) courses on agro-management
  • Al Farabi KazSU, courses on the history of philosophy (March 2002)
  • Mongolian Agrarian University (May 2009). Advanced training courses “Biodiversity Conservation”;
  • Xinjiang Agrarian University (PRC, Urumqi) (November 2009). Advanced training courses “Research work of PhD students";
  • Warsaw University (April 2010) “Composing educational program on “veterinary sanitation” specialty;
  • RSBSE “National Center for Educational Quality Assessment” “Implementation of the main principles of the Bologna process and introduction of the ECTS system in universities of Kazakhstan” (December 2010);
  • Seminar on the theme Thomson Reuters Resources for Scientific Research (Astana, April 2011);
  • The Higher Veterinary School of Toulouse, France “On the Problems of World Veterinary” (March 2012);
  • Warsaw University (July 2014) “Joint work on doctoral studies”; 
Republican and international meetings
  • International Tempus Program, Montpellier Seminars 2015-2016.
  • Laboratory biosafety courses, master class Wuhan, PRC 2017
Published works
The results of scientific research are about 200 published scientific works, including textbooks, study guides, monographs, etc.
  1. Maikanov B.S., Seydenova S.P., Auteleyeva L.T.Изучение влияния 1,1-диметилгидразина на организм животных и подбор детоксицирующего препарата. // «3i: intellect, idea, innovation – интеллект, идея, инновация» Костанайского государственного университета имени А.Байтурсынова,№3, 2017 г. C.44-49
  2. Maikanov B.S., Adilbekov Zh., Auteleyeva L.T., Mustafina R. Honey contamination in the Republic of Kazakhstan//International Journal of Biological, Biomolecular, Agricultural, Food and Biotechnological Engineering//International Science Index 127, 2017.
  3. Maikanov B.S., Auteleyeva L.T. Amino-acid composition of o cow milk from the farms that are adjacent to zones of a falling of rocket carrier «Proton-M»/Reseach Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences Volume 7, 2016 2285-2292 pp. CiteScore 2016 – 0.24 
  4. Aubacirova G.A., Pishenco Ye. V, Maikanov B.S. Comprehensive study of the Ashycol and Kumkol lakes of Akmola Oblast of the North Kazakhstan/ Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Volume 5, Issue 23, 2014 2607-2611 pp. CiteScore 2016 – 0.139.