History of the faculty

Faculty of  Humanities was first organized by the decision of  the Academic Council of Tselinograd Agricultural Institute in 1990. In 2003, the department was reorganized, and it became part of the Department of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Vocational Training.

In 2006, the department of public humanities were removed from the aforementioned department and set up a Department of humanities departments. By decision of the Academic Council of 29 September 2010 (Minutes No1) on the basis of the Department of Humanitarian Departments Faculty of Humanities was established (decree number 596 of 19.10.2011g.).

The faculty consists of the Department of  Philosophy, History of  Kazakhstan, Kazakh, Russian and German languages, English and French languages, Department of Physical Education. Opening of the Faculty of Humanities in agrotechnical high school was motivated by the fact that at the present stage of the new socio-historical turn in the life of people, when the company absorbed the problems of market relations, the instability of the economy, the political difficulties, increasingly destroyed the social and moral values. Therefore, it never updated the role of the humanities, aimed at spiritual and moral training and educational functions of current educational system.

Humanities - disciplines studying human in his spiritual, mental, moral, cultural and social activities. Faculty's mission - to promote the formation of a fully developed, harmonious personality of future specialists studying in KATU them. S.Seifullin through the teaching of the humanities.

Over the years, faculty deans were: Associate Professor S.A. Mihnova (1990-1993), Ph.D., Associate Professor N.J. Agubaev (1993-1996), Associate Professor at G.O. Galymzhanova (1996-1998), Doctor of Philosophy, Professor T.K.Burbayev (1998-1999), S.B. Kasymov (2002-2003), Of 2003-2006. - Faculty was part KSiPO, whose dean was Cand. Zh.K.Abeldina, PhD, Associate Professor A.S. Albekovа (2006-2009), Ph.D. N.K. Nosieva (2009-2011), Ph.D., Associate Professor J.A. Kusayynova (2011-2012), Ph.D. A.N. Nasyritdinova (2012-2013), H.A.Aubakirova (2013-2019).

Since 2019, Dean of  the Faculty of  Humanities is the candidate of  philogical sciences, Ayapbergenov Bulat Kabidenovich.

The faculty are 3 departments: 1) Philosophy. 2) History of  Kazakhstan. 3) Kazakh and Russian language. Department of  the  Faculty of Humanities are classes in all specialties of the University.