The Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages is not graduate. A foreign language is a compulsory subject according to the university academic curriculum.

The department has highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in education who seek to teach students and undergraduates to understand the foreign language and use it as a means of communication and getting knowledge. The department has teachers of English, German and French. Among the teachers there are those whose work is highlighted by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Culture and Information (Zhumadillayeva O.A.- Diploma of Honour of the Ministry of Education; Kussainova G.I. – Excellent work in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Tyazhina E.B. - Letter of appreciation of  MES of RK; Rakhimova D.M.- Diploma of Honour the Ministry of Agriculture, Diploma of Honour of the Ministry of Culture and Information; Rustemova S.K. – Letter of Gratitude of  the Ministry of Culture and Information; Khamzina Z.B.- Letter of Gratitude of MES). Young teachers of the department are good experts who perfectly know a foreign language and are an example for the young generation.

There are Candidates of sciences, MSc, teachers who had training abroad according to different programs, including the program "Bolashak" (Rakhimbekova G.O. - Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom), Tyazhina E.B. (FIPF, France), .Rakhimova D.M., Rustemova S.K. - China; Alimzhanova B.E., Khamzina Z.B. - Malaysia; Kosmaganbetova G.K. - Germany; Zhalelova G.M. - USA).

The teachers of the Department take an active part in scientific seminars, organized and carried out by international organizations and foreign embassies in Kazakhstan, in particular the UK (Macmillan Education), France (French Alliance), Germany (Goethe Institute) - Rustemova S. K., Rakhimova D.M., Sagatova B.A., Baygoshkarova M.I., Shirimbekova M.Zh., Rakhimbekova G.O., Alimzhanova B.E., Tyazhina E.B., Magulova B.B., Kusainova G.I., Kosmaganbetova G.K., Samatanova A.R.

The Department is headed by Rakhimbekova Guldensіn Orazbekovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (e-mail:; tel: 38-40-04). She has been in charge of the department since December 2012, and successfully performs management that sped up work of the department diversely.

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