Scientific-research work of the department of Foreign Languages

The research work was carried out from 2010 to 2014 on the initiative topic "New approaches in methodology of teaching foreign languages in non language HIGH SCHOOL” (Registration# 0110RK00379; supervisors: Candidate of Philological Sciences E.B. Tyazhina and Senior Lecturer D.M. Rakhimova). Since 2014 the scientific work of the department is conducted on "Modern professionally-oriented technologies of teaching foreign languages ​​in non language high school" that was recorded in 10.07.2014 in the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (supervisor:  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences  G.O.Rakhimbekova).

The research results have been put into practice in teaching English, French and German at Kazakh Agro Technical University and were reflected in scientific articles and teaching aids.

Teachers of the Department are systematically working to improve their quality of teaching by using modern technologies and interactive teaching methods. To implement the research work, the staff of the Department is developing a corresponding trajectory of ideas, skills and training. In accordance with the plan of SRW the Department carries out its activities in the following areas: 1) participation in the budget and off-budget projects (B.E. Alimzhanova, M.I Baygoshkarova); 2) participation in international conferences, publishing articles in the country and abroad; 3) participation in various scientific seminars held by international foreign enterprises and institutions in Kazakhstan (M.I Baygoshkarova, G.O.Rakhimbekova, O.A Zhumadillaeva, G.I.Kusainova, D.E.Kapanova, E.B.Tyazhina, B.E.Alimzhanova,S.K.Rustemova, Z.B.Khamzina , G. K Kosmaganbetova, A.R Samatanova).

Additionally, articles were published in the following journals:

  1. Journals included in the database Web of Knowledge, Scopus, Springer - 7 articles;
  2. " RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index)" Russia -19 articles;
  3. CCSE (Committee for Control of Science and Education) - 5 articles;
  4. Journals of other conferences -12 articles.