The Department of History of Kazakhstan

The department of the History of Kazakhstan is the brainchild of Independence. The base of the chair coincides with the date of gaining independence. As an independent organization the department of the History of Kazakhstan was formed within Department of CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). In 1991, the Department of History of Kazakhstan was established on the basis of the Department of  Political Science. The establishment of the Chair was caused by many reasons. At the first, the development of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state; therefore the problem of objective studying of the History of Kazakhstan in context with the World History was put in the forefront. Secondly, the historical heritage is the basis of civil, patriotic education of the younger generation.

Historical science is the main dominant in the development of the foundations of Kazakhstan patriotism and patriotic education of the younger generation. In the third place, history has always attracted considerable attention because of the significance which it has for every society in all the periods of its development. Whether society can learn the lessons of the past and not to repeat those mistakes depends on fully and objectively developing of the history as a science. The powerful tools of the influence on social consciousness are specific examples from the life of famous people: scientists, cultural workers, behavior patterns of the people in difficult and critical periods of the history. Therefore, the study of national history in the process of education plays an important role in the formation of the sense of the Kazakhstan patriotism. 


Since 1992, the course of the history of Kazakhstan has introduced in educational institutions as a compulsory subject for all specialties. In today’s world, state significance of studying the history of Kazakhstan, its role in the implementation of priorities of Kazakhstan's society development has increased, when Kazakhstan is developing in terms of accelerated economic, political and social modernization, and the most important task of the community is becoming one of the fifty most competitive countries.

Heads of the Department of History of Kazakhstan:
1991-1996 - Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Agubaev Nurtai Zhetpisbaevich;
1996-2001 - Doctor of Historical Sciences, associate professor Alpyspaeva Galia Aitpaevna;
2002-2004 - Doctor of Philosophy, associate professor Abdina Ainur Kanapyanovna;
2004-2013 - Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Aubakirova Khadisha Alkeevna;
2013- present- Candidate of Historical sciences, Bekhmagambetov Umirbay Zholdibekovich.

Studying of the History of Kazakhstan is built on basics of new conceptual approach and requires vast amount of self-study of students. During lectures and seminars students obtain critical thinking skills through interactive teaching methods. Moreover, actively taking part in research work on regional ethnography, regular visits to city museums and arranging discipline Olympiads encourage quality improvement of obtained knowledge.

The department of the history of Kazakhstan has an intellectual potential, personnel, capable of training and preparing future professionals. In 2017 the degree of the department is 72%. The average age of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 41 years. 18 teachers of the department are taught in the state and russian languages, which is 100%. Selection of the staff of teachers is carried out from among those who have academic degrees or titles with pedagogical and professional experience.

Research areas have been developed within the department of the history of Kazakhstan on disciplines with top priorities: historical urban studying of Kazakhstan in XIX-XX centuries, social aspects in northern part of Kazakhstan in wild years, Turkic historical and cultural heritage as element of world civilization, problems of feminine phenomenon in the history of Kazakhstan (XVIII-XXcenturies). 150 articles were published by professors of the department during 2012-2016.
Students annually participate in republican scientific and theoretical conference “Seifullin readings” with help of professors of the department. On top of that, under supervision of professors K.V. Dzhumagalyieva and Zh.R. Abisheva students also take participation in international conferences taken part in Russia. During 2012-2016 100 research works have been supervised by Professors of the department.

The research work of the Department of History of Kazakhstan is mainly conducted in three directions.

The first direction: the implementation and conduct of scientific and theoretical seminars, conferences that promote the development of language and history in modern society, participation in the discussion of socio-political and spiritual-philosophical problems.

The second direction: the participation of teachers of the department in international scientific conferences, the publication of articles in scientific journals.

The third direction: the carrying out of scientific projects at the department and the passage of scientific internships.

In the first direction, in 2014-2017. The faculty members take an active part in the work of round tables, seminars and conferences. Annually in April teachers of the department spend a decade of history.

In the second direction, teachers take part in the work of scientific and practical conferences, published articles in scientific journals, and published monographs. 

Research projects

Works on below research topics have been carried out:

  1. Cultural expansion of Akmola, Tselinograd,: maintenance problems and transformations» Supervisor: doctor of historic sciences,associate professor G.A. Alpyspayeva, prepared by– candidate of historic sciences,senior lector Sh.N. Sayakhimova;
  2. «Siberian Kozatstvo and Kazakh in steppein XVIII-XIX centuries» Supervisor: candidate of historic sciences, associate professor Kh.A. Aubakirova; candidate of historic sciences,senior lector K.V. Dzhumagaliyeva;
  3. «Development of terminology vocabulary in university discipline  «the History of Kazakhstan», Project manager is doctor of historic sciences, associate professor G.A. Alpyspayeva, performer of the project is candidate of historic sciences, senior lecturer Sh.N. Sayakhimova;
  4. «Social processes in northern part of Kazakhstan and it’s influence on socio-cultural environment»,Supervisor:candidate of historic sciences, senior lecturerN. Sayakhimova; doctor of historic sciences,associate professor G.A. Alpyspayeva, assistant D.S. Mustafa;

Eight applications have been presented by professors of the department to the competition for grant financing by Ministry of education of RoK.

The research study of students is a continuation and extension of the educational process and, therefore, one of the components of the excellence. As part of the educational process the research study performed by students is done in the form of abstracts, research papers containing elements of research.
On the basis of the research study, students of KazATU named after S.Seifullin, under the guidance of teachers of History Department participate in the work of the Republican scientific-practical conference "Seifulin readings” and conferences on the basis of other higher institutions of Kazakhstan every year.
Based on the results of the projects, three monographs were published:

  1. Alpyspaeva G.A, Sayakhimova Sh.N., Tuxaitova R.O. The cultural space of Akmola, Tselinograd, Astana: the problems of preservation and transformation. - Astana, 2016.
  2. Abdirov M.Zh., Aubakirova Kh.A., Bizhigitova K.S., Kazhenova G.T. Siberian Cossacks and Kazakhs of the Steppen Krai in the 18th and 19th centuries. - Astana, 2016. - 323 p.
  3. Sayakhimova Sh.N., Alpyspaeva G.A. Social processes in the northern regions of Kazakhstan in the virgin years and their influence on the socio-cultural environment in the region. - Astana, 2017.

In 2017 a monograph by Dzhumagayeva KV was also published. Development of salt fishery in Western Kazakhstan in the 19th century. - Astana, 2017. - 176 p.

In 2017, the department began work on the initiative theme "Nomads and their role in the political history of Eurasia." The head of the project is professor Nurbaev K.Zh.; participants: Dzhumagalievа K.V, Dzhumalieva L.T, Zhuman G.Zh., Gabdulina A.Zh., Demeuova N., Registration number - 0117РКИ0061, registered on 03.2017.Teachers of the department to participate in the competition for grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, terms of execution of 2018-2020, scientific research was filed 5 applications: (supervisors: Professor Nurbayev K.Zh., Doctor of Historical sciences, Professor Alpyspaeva G.A., Doctor of Historical sciences; Senior Lecturer Sayakhimova Sh.N., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Dzhumagalieva K.V., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Gabdulina A.Zh., Candidate of Historical Sciences).

Educational & Methodical activites

The department is completely provided with textbooks and methodical literature in two languages. Student's knowledge is evaluated using following types of assessment control methods: current, intermediate and final examinations, oral questioning, tests and the state exam on the history of Kazakhstan.

During 2012-2016 academic years the following teaching aids were published by the lecturers of the department:  Zh.R. Abisheva - textbook "XX qasyrdyn 20-30 zh.zh. Kazakhstandagy sayasy urdister", A. M. Koskeeva, G.A. Magzumova –"Kazakhstan taryhy boynsha Sozh tapsyrmalari jane adistemelik nurqaular", Sh.N. Sayahimova - "Colonial policy of Russian Empire in the XIX-beginning of the XXth centuries", B.S. Abdildina, G.B. Baijuma – textbook "Famous historic people", Kh.A. Aubakirova, Zh.R. Abisheva, G.B. Baizhuma published educational methodical complex in history of Kazakhstan for polylingual groups. In 2014, K.V. Dzhumagalieva published the following teaching manuals: "Guidelines for conducting seminars in politology (a textbook for students of all courses), "Professionally-oriented English for courses "Cadastre ", "Organisation of the use of land ", "Assessment ".

Educational methodological complex of disciplines "Saken studies" was developed in 2015 by the lecturers K.V. Dzhumagalieva and D.S. Mustafa in Russian language, Zh.R. Abisheva, G.B. Bayzhuma, B.S. Abdildina, B.B. Ensepov in Kazakh language.

In the same year following manuals were published:

O.Zh.Bekmaganbetov, B.B.Ensepov issued a "Kazakh halkynin azattyq kuresi: taryhi men tagylymy".

B.B.Ensepov and Zh. R. Abisheva published a textbook "Kazakh zyalylarinin azattyq kuresi: taryhi men tagylymy".

In 2016 lectureres of the department Zh.R. Abisheva and K.V. Dzhumagalieva had developed educational methodological complex of disciplines for "Modern History of Kazakhstan" in Kazakh and Russian languages, whereas ​​ A.Zh. Gabdulina prepared in the English language for polylingual groups, as well as a textbook by Kh.A. Aubakirova on "History of Kazakhstan".

From 2012 to 2017 the teaching staff of the department has been delivering the following courses:
- History of Kazakhstan
- Saken studies
- Culturology
- The spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people
- Modern History of Kazakhstan

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