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In the new reality, the inner striving for renewal is the key principle of our development.



Modern conditions for the development of Kazakhstani society pose new challenges for higher education. The higher education system should prepare not only an educated person, but also a citizen, a patriot of his country. And in this respect, the role of humanitarian education, which forms a person's worldview, is great. Humanities education is more than in demand today. The facets of liberal arts education intersect with history, economics, linguistics, and psychology.

Since 2019, the successful management of the Department of Kazakh and Russian languages ​​has been carried out by Ph.D., Associate Professor Tleulesova Ardak Shaikenovna.

The history of the department of the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​begins in 1990: this year the department of the Kazakh language was created at the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute. In 2012, two departments - 1) the Kazakh language and 2) the Russian and German languages ​​- were transformed into the department of the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The first head of the department was A.K. Kozhakhmetova. In different years before and after the merger of the departments, the heads were (in order of management):

Zh. M. Tuleuzhanova, Assistant Professor (2000-2001),

K. Nosiyeva,, associate professor (2004-2009),

A.E. Zhusupov, (2009-2010),

S.K. Kenzhemuratova,, associate professor (2010-2018),

B.K. Ayapbergenov,, associate professor (2018-2019),

The Department of Russian and German Languages was headed by

R.O Tuksaitova, Doctor of Philology, professor

A.Sh. Albekova (2007-2012),, associate professor (2012).

Since 2019, the Department has been successfully managed by A.Sh.Tleulesova,, Associate Professor.

In a short time, a lot of organizational work was carried out, a high-quality educational and methodological base of training was prepared. The leadership of the department by personal example and enthusiasm

Currently, the teaching staff of the department is represented by teachers of different generations who make a worthy contribution to the development of humanitarian education not only at the department, but also at the faculty, at the university in general.

A great contribution to the formation and development of the department is made by teachers: Tleulesova A.Sh., Tuksaitova R.O., Imanberdieva S.K., Akosheva M.K., Rezuanova G.K., Rakhimzhanov K.Kh., Nurzhanova A.S., Kukenova G.A., Abdrakhmanova A.E., Albekova A.Sh., Zhusupov A.E., Kurmanova Z.K., Aydarbekova Zh.K., Aldabergenova A.S., Tuleuzhanova Zh.M., Omarova G.T.

Membership of teachers in the Academies of Sciences also contributes to the formation of the department. International and Republican Academies of Sciences bring together the most outstanding scientists in a particular field of science. Corresponding member of IACHYTLH is Ph.D., associate professor Ayapbergenov B.K., Corresponding members of APN RK are associate professors Rakhimzhanov K. Kh.,   and  Akosheva M.K.

The teachers of the department in different years were awarded the title of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university", also among the teachers of the department - Laureates of  Y. Altynsarin State Prize.

As you know, the quantitative characteristic of the productivity of scientists, scientific organization, based on the number of works-publications and the number of citations of these publications, is the Hirsch index. To date, the Hirsch index (SCOPUS) has the teachers of the department Tleulesova A.Sh., Tuksaitova R.O., Akosheva M.K., Rakhimzhanov K.Kh., Kurmanova Z.K., Albekova A.Sh.

The degree of the department is 88%

Representatives of the older generation of the department skillfully transfer their experience and knowledge to future scientists: in 2018, teachers Kazhgalieva A.M., Akhmetova A.A., Akazhanova A.A., having successfully passed the entrance exams, entered the PhD doctoral program at the universities of Kazakhstan on a grant basis ...


At the department, in accordance with the plan, educational and methodological work is carried out. When assessing students' knowledge, the department uses the following types of control: current, intermediate and final control, oral questioning, test method, combined exam.

The educational and material base of the department meets modern requirements. The department has 6 classrooms equipped with the necessary equipment. The teachers of the department systematically work to improve the quality of students' knowledge. This is the aim of conducting training seminars, open lessons, widespread use of modern technologies and interactive teaching methods. In the distance learning format, the services ZOOM, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, the Kahoot educational test application, personal sites, etc. are actively used.

On the basis of a new standard program, designed for 10 credits (300 hours), considering the trimester format of training, new EMCs have been developed in both Kazakh and Russian languages ​​for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Thus, starting from the 2019-2020 academic year, work is carried out according to work programs drawn up on the basis of the 2018 Model Program, adapted for training in terms of trimesters.

The provision of educational literature in two disciplines, Kazakh and Russian, is 100%. The department has developed educational materials that have received a proper assessment of the scientific community of Kazakhstan (over the past 5 years):


Тuksaitovа R.О. Russian for economic specialties  2016. P.170;

Rezuanova G.К. Professional Kazakh language    2016. P.151;

Albekova A.Sh., Omarova G.T Russian language (biologists). 2016. P.170;

Kukenova G.A., Omarova G.T. Russian language (architecture). 2017.P.165;

Rezuanova G.K. Kazakh language. Level B2. 2017.P.131;

Kurmanova Z.K., Rakhimzhanov K.Kh., Akosheva M.K. Russian language. 2018. P.129;

Nurzhanova A.S., Oralova G.M. Kazakh language. Level C1. Recommended by RUMS at Al-Farabi KazNU, 2018;

Тuksaitovа R.О. Russian language and culture of speech. 2018. P.168;


Tleulesova A.Sh. Kazakh language. 2019. P.145

Akosheva M.K.  Russian language. 1 trimester. 2020. P.140

Rakhimzhanov K.Kh. Russian language. 2 trimester. 2020. P.135

Kurmanova Z.K. Russian language. 3 trimester. 2020. P. 135


Starting from 2019, it has become a tradition to hold annual international scientific and methodological seminars, republican Olympiads, republican poetry competitions for young talents. Here is some of them: On January 14, 2020, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhangyru program and the 175th anniversary of the birth of Abai Kunanbayev, the Department of Kazakh and Russian languages, together with the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, held a scientific seminar “Abai - poet, thinker, translator”.

On June 4, 2020, under the scientific guidance of Tleulesova Ardak Shaikenovna, an educational and methodological online seminar “Distance educational technologies in the educational process” was organized with the participation of teachers from foreign and republican universities. The purpose of the educational and methodological seminar is to exchange experience with domestic and foreign scientists-methodologists on the use of distance learning technologies in the educational process. The seminar was attended by the professors of the Hobda University in Bayan-ulgi Zhylkyidar Khinalgan (Mongolia); Bashkir State pedagogical University Nabiullina G.M; Tashkent Agrotechnical University Abdullaeva U. T; Baisheva University Isina Zh. A; Pavlodar State Pedagogical University Kenenbaevna M. A; Center for Multilingualism of the National Academy of Education Toksanbaeva T.Zh., as well as teachers of     S. Seifullin KazATU.

On December 23, 2020, the International Scientific and Methodological Seminar “DISTANCE LEARNING: ORGANIZATION, MANAGEMENT AND MODELS” // “DISTANCE LEARNING: ORGANIZATION, MANAGEMENT AND MODELS” was held with the participation of foreign and domestic scientists-methodologists. The aim of the seminar was to discuss topical issues of distance learning, exchange best practices.

Colleagues from foreign countries took part in the scientific and methodological seminar: Tashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan); Bashkortostan National Education Resource Center (RF); Hobda University (Mongolia), Ozhiniyaza Karakalpak State Pedagogical Institute  (Uzbekistan). Foreign guests shared their experiences related to the organization of distance learning with Kazakhstani scientists from such universities as Pavlodar State Pedagogical University, M. Ospanov West Kazakhstan Medical University and others.


The organization of intra-university and republican Olympiads in Kazakh and Russian languages ​​for students and schoolchildren has become systematic.

The department implements career guidance work through the educational process, work with students both outside and within the walls of the university.

On February 14, 2020, the Republican Olympiad in the Russian language for Kazakh schools and the Kazakh language for Russian schools of the republic was held. The Olympiad was held in two rounds. Like all the activities of the department, the Olympiad turned into a large-scale knowledge competition. In preparation for the Olympics, the head of the department Tleulesova A.Sh. directed efforts to ensure that the program provided not only competitive tests in language proficiency, meetings with students, excursions to academic buildings, university libraries. The participants of the Olympiad were given the opportunity to show their knowledge and talents, get to know better S. Seifullin KazATU. 

More than 130 schoolchildren from the capital, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Kostanay, Kokshetau, Arkalyk, Ekibastuz, Stepnogorsk and other cities of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympics. The winners were awarded with diplomas and certificates. The teachers who prepared schoolchildren for the Olympics were also noted with letters of thanks. Schoolchildren showed great interest in KazATU, expressed a desire to study here, were interested in the specialties of the university.


For the purpose of moral and patriotic education of students, it has become traditional to hold events with the participation of students, these are various meetings, round tables, conversations, open lectures, disputes.

It has become a tradition to hold the annual Republican Competition for Young Poets. In November 2019, the I Republican Competition was held, and in November 2020 - the II Republican Competition of Young Poets “MEN - KAZAKPYN, BIIKPIN, BAITAK ELMIN”, dedicated to the 126th anniversary of Saken Seifullin and the 100th anniversary of Zhuban Moldagaliev, in which young talents took part from different universities of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the department conducts purposeful work to improve the quality of teaching and upbringing of students, is actively working on the problems of comparative typological research of different-structured languages ​​- Kazakh and Russian, the theory and practice of translation, intercultural communication, etc. All this testifies to the proper level of development of humanitarian thought in department and in general at the faculty, at the university.

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