The Department of Philosophy

In 1958 the Department of Tselinograd Agricultural Institute of Marxism-Leninism was organized, which provided the teaching of social sciences and has an important place in the ideological support of the educational process. On the basis of this department was created in 1961 the Department of Political Economy, 1965 - Department of History of the CPSU in 1974 - department of scientific communism.

As an independent division of the Department of Philosophy became operational in 1975.

The first head of the department was the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Tailor and the first teachers - the candidate of historical sciences Sergeev I.S, Ivanov I.I, J.I Iskakov, Candidate of Economic Sciences N.N Lee.

1961 - Department of Political Economy

1965 - Department of History of the CPSU

1974 - Department of scientific communism.

Currently head of the Department candidate of Philosophy  Muhanbetkaliev Esbol Esenbayuly.

The staff of the faculty consists of 22 people, including 1 Dr. PhD, 9 PhDs and 11 masters of the science.

The scientific work of the department is carried out in three directions: the first, on the scientific and theoretical seminars of the department examined sociological and political, spiritual and philosophical problems of modern society. In the second direction of teachers participated in various conferences have published articles in national and international publications. The third direction of work is being done on two research topics.

The Department  prepared 6 grant funding  research projects for the competition in 2018-2020:

  1. «Future green technologies and their environmental safety in the modern education of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
  2. «Development of indicators of provision effectiveness of public services using e-government in Kazakhstan»
  3. «Institutional conditions, social risks and business motivation in Kazakhstan and Belarus»
  4. «The search for the philosophical potential of sacred space and analysis of its influence on the revival of the national code of Kazakh Eli»
  5. «Problems of integration of persons with disabilities into the educational process and possible ways of overcoming them (case study on the example of Astana and Akmola region, Kazakhstan)» 
  6.  «The social adaptation of foreign students in higher agricultural education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the educational environment»

In the 2013-2014 school year, teachers of the department of Philosophy organized a meeting of the Association of Astana philosophers, which was attended by prominent public figures M. Auezov, PhD, Professor J.M Abdildin.


Doctor of Philosophy Abdina A.K cooperates with universities of St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Teachers of the department Abdina A.K., Turgaleeva A.T, Tursynbayeva B.J. trained under the program Bolashak in London. Date 2012 - December 2013, in February 2014у. Associate Professor of Sheryazdanova G.R. program Bolashak trained by the United States.

Young people actively participate in events held by the philosophical clubs «Tanym», «Dostyk» and the scientific circle «Mangilik El».

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