History of the Department of Philosophy

The first head of the department was the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Tailor and the first teachers - the candidate of historical sciences Sergeev I.S, Ivanov I.I, J.I Iskakov, Candidate of Economic Sciences N.N Lee.

1961 - Department of Political Economy

1965 - Department of History of the CPSU

1974 - Department of scientific communism.

The staff of the faculty consists of 22 people, including 1 Dr. PhD, 9 PhDs and 11 masters of the science.

The Department of Philosophy as an independent department has been functioning since 1975. At different times the chair was in charge of Candidates of Philosophy, Associate Professors S.M. Usenov, B.Zh. Zharkenov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor V.I. Zorin, Doctor of Philosophy T.K. Burbaev, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor A.K. Abdina, Doctor of Philosophy Professor K.K. Begalinova, Candidate of Philosophy Kh.S. Abdildina for today the department is headed by Ph.D. E.E. Muhanbetkaliev.

Currently head of the Department of Philosophy PhD Muhanbetkaliev Esbol Esenbayuly/.