Muhanbetkaliev Esbol Esenbayuly

Head of the Department of Philosophy

Candidate of Philosophy

Biobuilding, cab-2714

Office phone: 8 7172 38-40-01

Mobile phone: 8-701-661-84-78


Research interests

The history of Kazakh philosophy, the problems of Man-Peace in world philosophy

Teaching disciplines Philosophy, political science, sociology.

Education: higher, К.Zhubanov Aktobe State University, History department, Specialty "Philosophy", 1999-2003.

Working experience 

2017 - Head of the Department of Philosophy, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin

2015 - 2013. Head of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines, Aktobe University named after S. Bayishev

2003 - 2015 Senior lecturer of the Department of Political and Social Disciplines, Aktоbe State University named after K.Zhubanov


  • "Strategic and innovative management in the field of sociology" 72 hours, Poland 2017 y
  • "Management of the educational process" 72 hours, Narcio, 2016 y
  • "Philosophy" 72 hours, BMPU, 2016 y
  • "Problems of implementation in the educational process" Aktobe University named after S. Bayishev, 2016 y
  • "Al-Farabi and New Time" 72 hours, KazNU named after Al-Farabi, 2016 

Scientific works:

  • Problems of the ratio of Man-World in the worldview of Abai: monograph / E.E. Muhanbetkaliev -Aktobe, 2016.-214 p.
  • Textbook on discipline "Philosophy" - ASU K. Zhubanov, RBB, -2015.-144 p.
  • Collection of lectures on philosophy (short course).- ASU K. Zhubanov RBB, -2015.-103 p.

Information about publication

  1. Spiritual values in Abai worldviews // "In the stream of values of the Kazakh culture" materials of the international scientific conference.-Aktobe: Aktubinsk State University named after K. Zhubanov, 2015.-257 pp.-76-71
  2. History of the development of Independent Kazakhstan in the period of integration processes in the region // International Scientific and Practical Conference "Common Economic Space: Strategy and Mechanism of Development".- Aktobe: RIO AU. S. Baisheva, 2015.-208 p. pp. 181-184
  3. National faith "Mogilik El" // Bulletin of the Aktobe University named after S. Bayishev. № 3, 2015. - 178 with. – pp. 57-62.
  4. Revival of the idea of ​​the Kazakh statehood in the political outlook of the "Alash-Ordyntsev" // Materials of the international scientific and practical conference " 50th Anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate": - Almaty, 2015.-414 p.- pp. 243-246
  5. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference "Integration of knowledge, science and production" .- Aktobe: Aktyubinsk University named after S. Bayishev, 2016.-408 pp. -309-315 pp. 
  6. Value orientations of the youth of Kazakhstan in the sphere of education // BULLETIN d 'EUROTALENT-FIDJIP, 2017, N2-67-72 p.