Student life of the Department of Philosophy

Young people actively participate in events held by the philosophical clubs "Tanym", "Dostyk" and the scientific circle «Mangilik El».

The goal of the "Tanim" club is to develop critical thinking among students, which is the main tool in making alternative decisions, introducing new or modified ways of thinking and acting.

The goal of the Dostyk club is to strengthen patriotic feelings, acting as the most important, stable characteristic of a person, expressed in his worldview, moral ideals, norms of behavior, and to develop inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations among students.

The purpose of the student scientific circle «Mangilik El»: to clarify and instill skills research methodology for students.

On November 14, 2017, a student city conference with the participation of the staff Astana City Administration, heads of ethno-cultural centers, teachers and students on the theme: "The potential of youth in the development of the Assembly Peoples of Kazakhstan" was held at the university. It was organized by the Department of Philosophy and the Assembly Peoples of Kazakhstan.

At the conference the participants spoke about the need to support active, purposeful actions to further advance the spiritual and moral transformation of the Kazakh society, its humanization and cultural development. 

In the course of the work, it is possible to single out the reports of some students who are members of the Dostyk, Tanym clubs, the first-year students of the Faculty of Land Management Diana Krebed and Bogdan Seitenov, who touched upon the issues of upbringing the patriotism of Kazakhstan's youth, the role of the Assembly Peoples of Kazakhstan in society.

At the same time, the participants were interested in the report of the second-year student Sh. Khairullaeva, who clearly defined the framework of tolerance and inter-confessional relations.

As a result, a resolution on the preservation of national identity was adopted.