Diploma awarding to graduating Master’s students that studied under a double-diploma program in Milan

Diploma awarding to graduating Master’s students that studied under a double-diploma program in Milan

Kairat Aituganov thanked students for honoring the university name with dignity and wished them success in their future path. Speaking of which, all of them work in their specialty - IT-specialists in leading Kazakhstan companies. The Chairman of the Board noted that Master’s students with full right can apply for admission to Doctoral educational programs at KATU, moreover, a diploma from the University of Milan exempts them from the English language test.

- The agreement on a bilateral master's program between S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University (Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan) and University of Milan (Italy, Milan) was initiated by the Center for the Development of International Cooperation and Multilingual Education of KATU and signed in June 2014. In total, for this period, including the current graduating Master’s students, 13 undergraduates have already taken advantage of the unique opportunity to receive diplomas from two universities at the same time, - said the head of the Information Technologies Department Zhandos Ensebekuly Zulpykhar.

According to the terms of the agreement students must have a high level of education and pass an English test to study at the University of Milan. It was by these criteria that the selection was made among the Master students of the specialty 6M070300-Information systems. In May 2019, a special commission was created at the university to take the English language exam among applicants to the bilateral master's program. The master students of the specialty 6M070300-Information Systems Galymzhan Amangeldy, Aidana Assylkhanova, Zhansaya Begdazim, Kuanysh Oraz and Nurzhan Shukirbayev, who successfully passed the exam, qualified to go to study in Italy in October 2019.

Education at the University of Milan was paid by KATU.

The master’s students’ research works were supervised by professors of S.Seifullin KATU: Ph.D. Aitimova U.Z., Ph.D. Ismailova A.A., Ph.D. Suleimenova R.Z., their Italian colleague, Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Milan, Professor Vincenzo Piuri.

The 2020 pandemic has made educational adjustments. On May 27 2020 through the ZOOM platform 2nd year graduating students who accomplished the two-way master's program defended their dissertations. The defense was attended by members of the State Attestation Commission, a representative of the University of Milan, Ph.D., Professor Vincenzo Piuri. All Master’s students have successfully defended their dissertations.

Here's what the guys have to say about their studies.

Kuanysh Oraz:

- We studied at the University of Milan Universita Degli Studi Di Milano (UNIMI). We had a curator and academic advisor from the University of Milan with whom we worked throughout our stay. The dissertation was written in collaboration with leaders from our university and the University of Milan. This trip gave me a lot, including the opportunity to compare our countries. And now I know that Italy, like Kazakhstan, is rich in its nature, cuisine, architecture.

Nurzhan Shukirbayev

- During my 1st year graduate studies, I learned about the double-degree program and applied for participation. After completing all the moments of preparation, collecting documents, we flew to Italy and the study began. At the university, we were given access to the laboratory and the electronic library of the university. We went through the disciplines "Neural networks", "fuzzy systems and evolutionary computing", but there was a greater bias towards working on a thesis with a scientific advisor. Due to the pandemic, we returned to Kazakhstan ahead of time and switched to distance learning. In June 2020, we completed our studies and defended our dissertations.

This trip gave me the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills.

Galymzhan Amangeldy

- In order to become a graduate of the double-degree program, we had to pass entrance exams organized jointly by two universities. There were many applicants, but only five were selected. The education was intensive and involved more research work, in particular, interaction with foreign professors. This trip expanded the horizons of thinking, and we acquired a fresh look not only in our specialty, but also an interesting life experience. The diploma is given to us with a delay of six months - such adjustments were made to the moderate life by the coronavirus. Now I plan to continue to study and develop professionally, since the limits of perfection simply do not exist.

Aidana Assylkhanova:

- Studying in Italy is an attractive opportunity to travel around a country where the number of attractions is greater than in all other European countries.

Stunning architecture and great views from rooftops and balconies. Observing all the openwork elements at arm's length, you never stop admiring every detail. The views from the windows of the museum will make your heart swoon with admiration! After visiting must-see places for any tourist, such as Milan Cathedral, Sforzesco Castle, Brera Art Gallery and Museum of Modern Art, will delight and surprise!

I discovered for myself those facets that were previously unknown to me, joined other cultures and traditions, feeling like a man of the world. Thanks to KATU for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, and despite the fact that the trip was not very long, I am very happy that I was able to visit such a wonderful country.

Our supervisor from the University of Milan, Vincenzo Piuri, gave us clear directions with well-defined goals when writing a dissertation. He gave us the right time for each part of the dissertation, and without finishing the first part, he did not allow us to jump to the second. I think after that I learned self-discipline.

Zhansaya Begdazym:

It was truly an unforgettable trip. On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank the administration and professors of S. Seifullin KATU for such a unique opportunity. We have deepened our knowledge, "tightened up" the language, and now we look confidently from the future.