Happy Nauryz!

Happy Nauryz!

The bright holiday of Nauryz came to the homes of Kazakhstanis. This year, the celebration of the new year according to the Eastern calendar began on March 14th. «Korisu kuni» which means the Day of Reconciliation and meetings with loved ones and the beginning of the celebration of Nauryz, was officially celebrated for the first time in Kazakhstan.

However, the main holiday of spring falls on March 22, the day of the vernal equinox, when nature awakens from hibernation. The revival of nature is associated with this day, and this is very symbolic for rural workers, agricultural workers, and the entire agro-industrial complex. With the arrival of spring, for us, as a research university that trains personnel for the agro-industrial complex, the "hot" season of sowing begins. Last year, our ranks were replenished with three enterprises that are at the forefront of science and production. Their knowledge, experience and scientific discoveries will undoubtedly bring real benefits to agricultural producers.

Nauryz is a holiday of spring, unity, new plans and hopes. The history of the holiday is rich and eventful. Traditions and customs associated with the main spring holiday are passed down from generation to generation, and I do believe that they are also carefully respected in the families of our employees.

On these bright spring days, I wish you health, goodness, and success! Take care of yourself and your family! May mutual understanding and prosperity reign in your families!


                           Chairman of the Board                                               K. Aituganov