Online International scientific-practical Conference "Development of Inclusion in Kazakhstan: Theory and Practice" will be held within the National Awareness Day (NAD) in accordance with EC ERASMUC+ 598661 “DECIDE” (Developing Services for Individuals with Disabilities” project implementation in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. 

      The theme of the online conference is very timely and relevant at the present time as around one billion people living with disabilities worldwide face many barriers to inclusion in the most significant aspects of society.

      The aim of the online conference is to promote diversity and to raise awareness on its importance.

Conference topics are diverse, ranging from inclusive education to inspiring success stories during the plenary session and round-table discussion.

      Online Conference participants are representatives of Ministries, Higher-Educational Institutions, "Atameken" National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, "NurOtan" party, non-governmental organizations (NGO), public organizations, entrepreneurs, students and volunteers will ensure a fruitful brainstorming on "Formation of personal results in students with disabilities as a condition for their professional self-determination" – this is the second part (Panel session) of the Conference.

     The online conference will take place on October 9, 2020 between 9:00 to 18:00.

Organized by S. Seifullin KATU, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan                                   

Time zone: GMT+6