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DECIDE project

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Final results within the framework of the DECIDE project. On June 21, 2022, an event was held at S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University within the international project of the European Union "Development of services for people with disabilities" Erasmus + [DECIDE].

As part of the project, our university was visited by: Jerald Cavanagh (Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)), Monica Anna Bukowska (Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)) and Padraig Gerard (Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)), Gerard Patrick Cullen (TU DRESDEN) and Sven Riddel (TU DRESDEN). KATU working group: Meiramova S.A., Sugurbaeva B., Omarova S., Bekbaeva Zh., Maksyutova A., Kochkorbaeva E. presented the final results of the project work.

Sugurbayeva Batima held a final lesson with library staff on module 3 "Use the library". The purpose of the module is to interact with the community of people with special needs by improving access to the library. Identification of disabilities, signs of special needs of library users in a higher education institution, identification and prevention of problems they face when accessing information and making possible solutions.

Successful implementation of inclusive services requires:

1) adapt the library website to the work of visually impaired users;

2) create an inclusive office where the following services will be provided:

- differentiated library, bibliographic and information services;

- provision of consulting assistance on the use of technical means, the reference apparatus of the library, electronic resources available from the website of the NL;

- qualified assistance in finding information on request;