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KATU team became the winner of ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL!

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The KATU team won a trip to the World Championships in Puerto Rico at the ENACTUS Kazakhstan National Competition.

The competition also established a prize for the best social project under the program “Care for the Land, Care for the People”. And the KATU team also won it! Winning this nomination brought the team a prize of 2 million tenge. Moreover, the Olja-Agro company has expressed its willingness to invest in the “Poultry: from Yard to Table” project to support 50 to 100 farms. Another win, this time in the “Successful Project” category, also went to the KATU team, for which it was awarded a certificate worth 1 million tenge from event sponsor KMF-Demeu.

The ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL EXPO, a national competition in the field of student entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovation, ended today in the capital city. The KATU team with its project “Poultry: from Yard to Table” became the winner of this scientific competition. The grand prize, a national cup, entitles the university team to participate in the ENACTUS World Championship in Puerto Rico.

The international ENACTUS program has 45 years of experience in developing student entrepreneurship worldwide. Major executives of international companies actively support youth initiatives to implement business projects.

In 35 countries, 1,800 universities and more than 72,000 participants compete for the best start-up project every year. For more than 100 Kazakhstani universities and schools defending their social, environmental and economic projects in front of business leaders, ENACTUS was the highlight of the year.

       In November 2021, the Olja-Agro competition “Caring for Land, Caring for People” was launched in Almaty. Forty projects from all universities in the country took part.  Those who successfully defended the project, including the KATU team, made it to the semi-finals. According to voting results children took the 1st place in semifinal and reached the final. For two days there was a battle of wits and ideas on the stage of the Radisson Hotel Astana.

“ENACTUS trains a new generation of business leaders who use innovation and creativity to improve lives,” says Albina Yerzhanova, president of ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN.

The KATU project “Poultry: from Yard to Table”, which aims to increase the productive employment of the rural population and provide quality products for the urban population, is a testament to these words.

Congratulations to the Seifulin Enactus team!