Information on projects within the framework of grant funding for young scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023

№AP09058176 «Express test for the diagnosis of trichinellosis»

№AP09058175 "Creation of a cryobank of reproductive cells of valuable fish species in Kazakhstan"

№AP09058186 «Methodology development and computer program for determining additional electrical energy losses during its transportation and distribution in the electrical grid.»

№AP09058213 "Improving the quality of restoration of agricultural machinery parts by developing repair composite mixtures based on polymers, minerals and nano-additives"

№AP09058213 «Development of technology for meat products for child nutrition from non-traditional raw materials of the meat industry»

№AP09058301 «Aflatoxin contamination of various nuts and development of techniques to detoxify them»

№AP09058149 «Investigation of electro-discharge demolition of reinforced concrete products and solid waste for the development of a mobile complex for their recycling and utilization»