Centre for Energy Saving and Spread of Knowledge

Director of the Centre
Talgat Mukhamedkhassanovich Zhakupov
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer e.mail: Sultan_200779@mail.ru
Phone: 8 (7172) 317526, 87078452074
Centre for Energy Saving and Spread of knowledge was founded on December 8, 2012 according to Consortium Agreement # 3 dated 21.07.2011 between JSC «Kazakhstan Centre for Modernization and Development of Housing and Public Utilities» and «S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University» at the Energy Department.
Objectives are focused on implementation of the Law of RK "On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency", in introducing the state policy in the field of energy conservation, the state program of modernization of housing and public utilities, joint activities for training and retraining, development of scientific research in the sphere of housing and public utilities, strengthening integration of education and business structures.
Program of development of the UN / State Energy Saving, LLP «Asan-Astana», «LEGRAND», ENSI (Norway), «Kazakhstan Pipe Plant», LLP «Energy Company», Corporation «TekhnoNikol», Group of «PENETRON» Company (Russia), Regional Centre for Energy Saving, LLP «Energostan», JV «Danfoss».
Key research areas:
1. Research of reliability in power systems;
2. Renewable energy sources;
3. Energy-saving technologies;
4. Energy audit of buildings;
Kazakhstan based on software products ENSI-Energy Saving International AS