Main functions of the Student Services Center (SSC)

The purpose of the SSC: fast and high-quality provision of services of the educational process on the principle of "one window" for the student.

Principles of the activities of the SSC: student orientation; standardization of services; objectivity in resolving issues; confidentiality of information received

The main objectives of the SSC:

  • Centralization of registration of personal files of students;
  • proper storage of students' personal files;
  • personal and statistical accounting of all categories of students according to established forms;
  • registration and storage of orders for students;
  • providing services to students;
  • issuance of strict reporting documents;
  • registration and deregistration.

The main functions of the SSC:

  1. Maintaining personal files of students at all levels of education.
  2. Acceptance of applications from students at all levels of education:
  • application for granting / withdrawal from academic leave;
  • an application for transfer to another university, from one form of training to another, from one specialty to another, from one language of instruction to another;
  • application for restoration to the university;
  • application for deduction;
  • application for a change of surname (name, patronymic);
  • an application for a second course of study;
  • an application for monthly payment for certain categories of persons;
  • application for a refund;
  • application for the Presidential scholarship;
  • application for academic mobility.
  1. Registration and issuance at all levels of education:
  • An agreement / supplementary agreement for the provision of educational services for newly arrived or restored students;
  • certificates to students for SOBES, banks, financial centers and other institutions;
  • transcripts;
  • strict reporting documents (certificates, diplomas, duplicate diplomas);
  • attachments to diplomas;
  • copies of documents available in the student’s personal file.
  1. Training at all levels of education:
  • an order for the movement of students;
  • an order for food for orphans at the beginning of the school year;
  • an order for calculating compensation for preferential travel;
  • an order for the Presidential scholarship;
  • an order for the released educational grants following the results of summer and winter examination sessions;
  • an order for academic mobility.
  • letters of inquiry of personal files of students;
  • documents for students to participate in the competition for vacant seats on a grant and timely submission of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • monthly reporting on the personnel of students for submission to the relevant departments;
  • annual statistical report 3-NK, 1-K;
  • annual report on the movement of strict reporting forms;
  • a monthly report on the movement of the contingent of students enrolled in a state educational grant.
  1. Presentation:
  • to the Academic Council of the University documents of students participating in the competition for vacant educational grants;
  • documents of students participating in the competition for the Presidential scholarship to the Academic Council of the University;
  • applications for strict reporting forms (diplomas and academic certificates) in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  1. Work in the university automated systems:
  • entering and registration of orders on the movement of students;
  • entering data into the personal files of students;
  • listing of diploma supplements;
  • the formation of various reports on the contingent of students.
  1. Military registration:
  • military registration;
  • deregistration;
  • issuance of the certificate “Appendix No. 3”;
  • Submission of a report to the Department of Defense and to the 2nd Division.