Arm wrestling club

The armwrestling sports club was formed in 1992 for the full-time armwrestling class of students and postgraduates of the university. The aims of the club are to impart principles of a healthy lifestyle to those involved, to organize the process of armwrestling at an amateur and professional level, to prepare a national team of a university for city, republican and international high-level competitions. The combined team of the university is the winner of the V Winter Universiade of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the team competition. Individual athletes became champions of the World, Europe and Asia: Asainov M. is a multiple champion of the World and Europe, Israilova K. is a 6 times Asian champion, etc. The coach is a senior teacher of the department of physical education, master of sports of the USSR Abayldin Zanat Mukhametalgalievich.