Student's organization "Sanaly urpaq" (conscious generation)

The student's organization "Sanaly urpaq" is the voluntary association of students directed to anti-corruption at the university, education of the academic honesty of students and rendering information support to students.

The student's organization is involved in realization of three directions of the project:

  • Anti-corruption culture which problems is increase in anti-corruption literacy of all subjects of education; cultivation at subjects of education of anti-corruption behavior and transformation of students and teachers to active participants of anti-corruption policy.
  • Academic honesty which problems is formation in the organizations of formation of the environment which is not accepting "sale of estimates"; stimulation of teachers to practical application of anti-corruption mechanisms, increase among pupils and students of a cult of knowledge.
  • Information support which problems is information support of the student's organization; ensuring effective "feedback" through media, including social networks, the maximum involvement in the student's organization of citizens, experts, public figures, subjects of education and science, etc.

The purpose - creation of conditions in educational institutions for formation and development of highly moral, responsible, initiative and socially competent citizen and the patriot of the country.

Main objectives of club:

  • implementation of measures, directed to spiritual and moral and civil and patriotic education;
  • formation political and legal knowledge among students;
  • formation anti-corruption consciousness and anti-corruption culture in the student's environment;
  • encouragement of initiatives of strengthening of the intolerant relation to corruption;
  • participation in organization of events of anti-corruption character.

Administration of the organization is assigned to the chief specialist on educational work.

Monitors of the academic groups are included in the club.