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Khan Valery Anatolyevich

Khan Valery Anatolyevich


PhD in Engineering Science,

Senior Lecturer of the Department

"Technological machines and equipment"

4508, тел.: +7(705) 781-35-80


Sphere of scientific interests

Reliability assessment of agricultural and technological machines, mechanical engineering, logistics.

Delivered disciplines

Testing of agricultural machinery, Reliability of technological machines, failure analysis and repair of machines, Automated diagnostics of technological machines, Design of mechanical assembly shops. 

Undergraduates and doctoral students working or defended under the guidance

Master's students - Sagyndykova Zh.E .; Gudym N.A .; Rakhmankulov R.Kh .; Khalhabai D .; Elmagambetova Ә.K .; Zhunuskhanova A.B .; Sarin R.K .; Nikmurziev R.R .; Raspaev A.R .; Esekeev A.M .; Anarov U.R .; Myrzakhmet B .; Seidakhmet N.K .; Abdikhanov S.A.



Tselinograd Agricultural Institute, specialty "Agricultural Mechanization"

1988 - 1992

Postgraduate study of the Chelyabinsk State Agroengineering University ChGAIU (ChIMESH), specialty "Mechanization of agricultural production"

Work experience


Design Engineer, Reliability Bureau of the Special Design Bureau of the Tselinogradselmash Plant

11.01.93 -06.10.93

Category 1 design engineer (SKB), Category 1 electrical engineer (OTNP), Category 2 economist (OVK and K), Tselinselmash PO

11.10.93 -08.08.94

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics, Akmola Agricultural Institute (KATU)

09.08.94 -01.09.2004

Associate Professor of the branch of KSTU

01.09.98- 08.04.99

Chief mechanic-power engineer, and later the head of the department of engineering networks and transport in the joint venture company "USKO Logistics"

2003 -2007, 2012 - 2015

Associate Professor of the Department of Standardization and Certification, ENU. L.N. Gumilyov


С 2015

Senior lecturer of the department "Technological machines and equipment" KazATU named after S. Seifullin

Advanced training

- Innovations in the educational process of higher education, Astana, 11.11.2015-03.06.2016 .

- Using the tools of the Moodle learning environment in the framework of distance learning (KATU named after S. Seifullin), 26.09.-06.10.2018;

- The new academic policy of JSC "S. Seifullin KATU" in the context of expanding academic and managerial independence, Astana, 20-21.12.2018;

- Developing Trans-regional Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning and the Knowledge Economy [Direct], (KATU named after S. Seifullin), 03.10.2018.

- Basics of mechatronics. Basic level., Department of Didactics of the Festo Ges. M.b.H. " (KATU named after S. Seifullin), 15.10-26.10.2018;

- PN111 + PN121 "Modern Industrial Electro-Pneumatic Automatics", Didactics Department of the Festo Ges. M.b.H. " (KATU named after S. Seifullin), 15.10-26.10.2018;

- Anti-bribery management systems, Astana, 2019.

Published works

Author of over 50 scientific and educational works, including 4 manuals; scientific articles in the databases: KKSON-5; RSCI-7; Scopus-1. the most significant in the proposed areas:

  1. Analysis of the efficiency of the processes of highly efficient air purification using various filter materials / Actual problems of technical sciences: Sat. articles of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (June 10, 2015, Ufa). - Ufa, Ed. AETERNA, 2015. - S. 118-125.
  2. Development of logistics management systems for agricultural products. // Problems of the agricultural market: Theoretical scientific and practical journal, №1 / Agrarian policy: implementation mechanisms /, pp. 28-37. - Almaty: January-March 2016
  3. Kazakhstan: Transport and Logistical Risks in Grain Export // Kazakhstan: Transport and Logistical Risks in Grain Export./ Vol. 38 (Nº 44) Año 2017. Pág. 30 - Revista ESPACIOS. ISSN 0798 1015. / Indexada en Scopus, Google Schollar/.
  4. Testing of filters for high-efficiency air purification. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference (April 20-21, 2017). - Kurgan: Publishing house of the Kurgan State Agricultural Academy, 2017 - S. 405-414.
  5. Aspects of increasing the efficiency of the use of agricultural machines // Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev. - Almaty: Bulletin of KazNRTU, No. 2 (120), March 2017. - P. 223-225.
  6. Fundamentals of the theory of reliability of technical systems // UDC 621.01 / .03-192 + 519.6 (075.8) LBC 34.41, X 19./ ISBN 978-9965-824-19-7 // Textbook. - Astana: KATU, 2017 - 292 p.
  7. Test of agricultural machinery // Textbook. - Astana: KATU, 2019 - 290 p.