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Job openings


No. pp Vacant position Qualifications Qty



Postgraduate pedagogical education,

experience in administrative and organizational work.



The deadline for submitting applications for the competition is February 15, 2023.



Annex 1 (Sample application for participation in the competition)

Annex 2 (List of documents for participation in the competition)


Preference will be given to candidates
  1. Degree holders
  2. Speaking a foreign language
  3. Experienced in funded research, especially in international projects,
  4. Internships at leading foreign research centers or universities

Qualification requirements for tender participants in accordance with job descriptions.

Salary of a professor - 350,000 tenge, associate professor (associate professor) - 300,000 tenge, senior lecturer - 250,000 tenge, assistant - 200,000 tenge, supplement for the degree of doctor of science - 104,142 tenge, supplement for the degree of candidate of science - 52,071 tenge , besides, there is a rating system of additional payment to the basic official salary in the amount of up to 20%.

A social package is provided for staff members of the university: non-residents are provided with housing (service apartments), medical insurance services, a free transport card (travel around the city / suburb), vouchers to sanatoriums.

Our address:
Nur-Sultan, Zhenis Ave., 62, Administrative Department