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Scholarship requirements

The state scholarship is awarded and paid to students, undergraduates, doctoral students studying at the Kazakh Agricultural Technical University named after S. Seifullin on a state educational grant in full-time training according to QMS 02-2028-2020 "Regulation on the procedure for paying state scholarships to students at the NAO" Kazakh Agricultural Technical University named after S. Seifullin""

Students under the government educational order, as well as those transferred to study under the government educational order, who have passed exams and differential credits, including term papers and physical education at "good", "excellent", the state scholarship is paid monthly after each trimester, from the first day of the next month for the examination session and holidays, including until the end of the month in which the academic period, examination session and holidays end. State scholarships are paid to graduate students until the date of expulsion in connection with graduation.

Students who have received marks "ungraded" corresponding to the mark "FX" and then retake these marks for "good" and/or "excellent" during the current examination session are assigned a scholarship.

In the case of retaking the discipline for the “excellent” or “good” grades in the summer semester, the scholarship is not paid.