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Military registration

On the basis of the Order of the Defense Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 24, 2017 No. 28 "On approval of the Rules for military registration of military personnel and conscripts", military registration of military personnel and conscripts is carried out at their place of residence or temporary stay (for a period of more than three months)

After entering to the NJSC S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, male students living in Nur-Sultan and having a registered certificate at the place of residence, write out Appendix No. 3 about their studying. Application No. 3 with a QR code is accessible to the student after submitting an application through his personal account in the AIS "Platonus", in the "SSC" section, selecting the field "Apply" - "Issuance of certificates" - "Certificate. Appendix # 3 (military enlistment office). When submitting an application, the student is obliged to attach information about registration (via egov, EDS, personal account); certificate of registration (scanned sheets, where there are records and stamps) and identity card. Within 3 working days, this application No. 3 can be printed from the "Issued document" tab of the personal account in the AIS "Platonus", in the "SSC" section. The student provides Appendix No. 3 to the military enlistment office that has been mentioned in the certificate of registration.

Nonresident students must be removed from the military registration at the military enlistment office of their place of residence. They must register in Nur-Sultan at the place of residence and within seven working days register for military registration in Nur-Sultan through EGOV (electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan) or through the city PSC (population service center) temporarily (from 6 months or more) or permanently. You should have the following documents with you: certificate of registration (original); identity card (original). After registering for military service, the student applies for application No. 3 on training through his personal account in the AIS "Platonus" according to the above given information. Registration and postscript in the certificate must be in only one district (for example, if a student is registered in the Saryarka district, then the seal in the certificate must also be in the Saryarka district).

Students register for military registration at their place of residence and provide Appendix No. 3 according to the above information to the military enlistment offices at their place of residence while online training at the university.

Students who have not reached the age of 16 and do not have a registered certificate must register for military service after they reach this age.

For further information, student can contact the Student Service Center to the manager of the AQD Kairzhanova Kuldara Sakenovna (SSC, tel. 31-75-62,