Main / Bachelor's degree educational programs
Bachelor's degree educational programs
The name of educational program
1 6B02101  Design
2 6B04088(1) Agroeconomics
3 6B04102  Financial analytics
4 6B04103  Business management and entrepreneurship
5 6B04104  Digital Marketing
6 6B04105  Modern Business Economics
7 6B04106 Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consulting
8 6B05101  Agricultural  Biotechnology
9 6B05102  Biotechnology
10 6B05103  Biology
11 6B05201 Natural resources using
12 6B05202  Agroecology
13 6B06101  Software engineering
14 6B06102  Business Informatics
15 6B06103  Computer Engineering
16 6B06104 DevOps Engineering
17 6B06115  Digital agricultural systems and complexes
18 6B06201  Telecommunication networks and systems
19 6B06202  Radio engineering and electronics
20 6B07101  Thermal Power Engineering 
21 6B07102  Elecrical power engineering
22 6B07103 Electrical engineering 
23 6B07104  Technological machinery and Equipment
24 6B07105  Mechanical Engineering
25 6B07106  Transport, transport equipment and technology
26 6B07107  Heat gas supply, ventilation and environmental engineering in agriculture
27 6B07108  Automation and energy efficiency of processes and production
28 6B07111 Technical service of the motor vehicles (master of industrial training)
29 6B07201  Food science
30 6B07301  Architecture
31 6B07302  Geodesy and cartography
32 6B07303  Cadastre
33 6B07304  Land management
34 6B07306 Geospatial digital geodesy
35 6B07501  Standardization, certification and metrology
36 6B08101  Agronomy
37 6B08102  Breeding and seed production
38 6B08103  Soil science and agrochemistry
39 6B08104  Phytosanitary safety
40 6B08105 Advanced Agronomy Science
41 6B08106 Agrotechnology
42 6B08201  Аnimal husbandry
43 6B08301  Hunting and Fur farming
44 6B08302  Landscape design and gardening
45 6B08303  Protective forestation
46 6B08401  Aquaculture and aquatic resources
47 6B08701  Аgroengineering
48 6B08702  Energy supply and automation of agriculture
49 6B09101  Veterinary safety
50 6B09102  Food safety
51 6B11301  Logistics in transport
52 6B11302 Traffic management and safety