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In 2021, scientists of S. Seifullin KATU published 8 articles in foreign peer-reviewed journals entering in the international database Web of Science, unique quarters Q1 and Q2:

  1. Abdrakhmanov S.K., Beisembayev K. K., Sultanov A. A., Mukhanbetkaliyev Y.Y., Kadyrov A.S., Ussenbayev A.Y., Zhakenova A.Y., Torgerson P. R. Modelling bluetongue risk in Kazakhstan// PARASITES & VECTORS. – 2021. – Vol.14. DOI10.1186/s13071-021-04945-6
  2. Abdrakhmanov S.K., Mukhanbetkaliyev Y.Y., Sultanov A. A., Yessembekova G. N., Borovikov S. N., Namet A., Abishov A. A., Perez A.M., Korennoy F.I. Mapping the risks of the spread of peste des petits ruminants in the Republic of Kazakhstan// TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES. – 2021. DOI10.1111/tbed.14237
  3. Schettino D. N., Abdrakhmanov S. K., Beisembayev K. K., Korennoy F. I., Sultanov A. A., Mukhanbetkaliyev Y. Y., Kadyrov A. S., Perez A. M. Risk for African Swine Fever Introduction Into Kazakhstan// FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE. – 2021. DOI10.3389/fvets.2021.605910
  4. Kukhar Y., Smagulova A., Daniyarova A., Baiduissenova A., Kiyan V. Candida parapsilosis as a Causative Agent of Onychomycosis in Patient with Cirrhosis of the Liver// JOURNAL OF FUNGI. – 2021. - Vol.6. DOI10.3390/jof6040313
  5. Chen Guimin; Zhou Yuzhen; Kishchenko O.; Stepanenko A.; Jatayev S.; Zhang Dabing; Borisjuk N. Gene editing to facilitate hybrid crop production// BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES. – 2021. DOI10.1016/j.biotechadv.2020.107676
  6. Balji Y., Knicky M., Zamaratskaia G. Perspectives and safety of horsemeat consumption// INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. – 2020. - Vol. 55.- Р.942-952. DOI10.1111/ijfs.14390
  7. Kanaev A., Gulyarenko A., Bogomolov A., Sarsembaeva T. Аnalysis of mechanisms for hardening constructional steels by structure parameters// METALURGIJA. – 2021. - Vol.61. - Р.241-243. 
  8. Meiramkulova K., Tanybayeva Z., Kydyrbekova A., Turbekova A., Aytkhozhin S., Zhantasov S., Taukenov A. The Efficiency of LED Irradiation for Cultivating High-Quality Tomato Seedlings// SUSTAINABILITY. - 2021. - Vol.13. DOI10.3390/su13169426