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Graduates of KATU

The largest agricultural university in the central and northern Kazakhstan, is the first higher educational institution in the capital - S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, in 1957 has been established as Akmola Agricultural institute (Council of Ministers on 03.10.1957 by the order number 1176).

For more than half a century of its existence the university trained and graduated over 63 thousand highly qualified specialists. And today, even though the University is considered to be agro-technical, it does not work in the narrow direction, the university vice versa is a multifaceted institution, in addition to agricultural and technical education, students receive education in the creative, social sphere, in the sphere of services and business directions.

Kazakh Agro-Technical University named after S.Seifullin, as the oldest university of the capital, has formed scientific schools, through which the basis of the current teaching staff and high-quality team of graduates who are working in the country was created.

Having 60 years of history yesterday’s Tselinograd Agricultural Institute, and today’s S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University is proud of its graduates as it is known the image of the university is formed by its graduates who praise their university. We are proud to announce the achievements of our graduates. They have made and still make a great contribution to the development of economy, science and business. They work in all sectors of society and the state. They are senators, Majilismen, ministers, Olympic champions, akims, rectors of the universities, enterpreneurs and prominent scientists. These are: Sauer I.A. -Director of JSC "National Company" Food Contract Corporation ", member of People Assembly of Kazakhstan, member of the Presidium of the National Chamber of enterpreneurs  " Atameken ", the general director of LLP" Agrofirm "Rodina". Akimov R.K. - Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development. Bilyalov S.S. - the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Committee on Natural Resources and Rural Development. Akhmetbekov Zh.A. -deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Social and Cultural Development Committee, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan. Tursynov S.T. - Member Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights under the President of RK. Troshikhin M.V. - Deputy Director of the Office of Investment, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics, Daniyar Yeleusinov - International Master of Sports, Olympic champion in 2016 in Brazil in the weight category up to 69 kg.

At present, at the University professionals with a degree in agronomic trends are working. It is a great pride for the community. To date, contributions to the development of the university introduced the following graduates of the University: Deputy Chairman of the Board, deans, heads of department: Abdyrov A.M. - First Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazATU. A.K. Bulashev - Professor of the Department "Microbiology and Biotechnology." Serekpaev N.A. - Director of the Department for Academic Affairs of KazATU. Professor B.S. Maikanov - Dean of the Faculty of veterinary medicine and livestock technology. Associate Professor G.J. Stybaev - Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy. Assistant Professor Ismailova A.S. - Dean of the Faculty of Economics. Associate Professor, Abildina R.K. - Dean of the Faculty of Land Management. Professor K.M. Mussynov - Head of "Protection and Quarantine of Plants", Professor Abdrakhmanov T.Zh. - Head of Department of "Veterinary Medicine", Professor Abdrakhmanov S.K. - Head of the Chair "Veterinary sanitation", Professor - M.Sh.Bauer - Head of the Department "Economic Theory and Law", Professor of the chair "Design" – A.A. Kornilova, Associate Professor, Z.A. Baimagambetova - Head of the Department "Finance", Associate Professor, N.N. Meleshenko - Head of "Economy", Senior Lecturer, A.K. Boidakov - Head of the department "Accounting and Auditing", Associate Professor, A.Zh. Nukesheva - head of the department "Management", PhD, B.O. Amantayev - Head of the "agriculture and gardening," Associate Professor, Zh.A. Suranshiev - Head of Department "Microbiology and Biotechnology", Associate Professor S.N. Narbaev - Head of the "Game management and fisheries", Associate Professor, E.Zh. Kaspakov - Head of the department "Agricultural machinery and technology", Associate Professor, E.S. Akhmetov - Head of the Department "Technical Mechanics", Assistant Professor, G.K. Kurmanova - Head of the "Cadastre", Associate Professor, I.E. Karbozov - Head of the "Land Use Planning" and many others.

"Club of Alumni" takes a  special place and significance for the university which founders were: Vladimir Hartmann, Tasbay Simambayev, Samat Eskendirov, Zhanbyrshy Nurkenov, Alexander Meier, Zhumatai Suindykov, Temirzhan Khamitov, Ivan Sauer, Sergey Kulagin, Serik Bilyalov. Surely these are the people who make contribute to the development of the university.

Along this, present graduates actively contribute to the development of the university as well; among them there are young scientists, graduate students: PhD doctors in the specialty "Agronomy" - Makhanova Saule, Utelbaev Erlan, Octyabr Hurmetbek and Ansabaeva Assiya. Doctors PhD in the specialty "Veterinary medicine" - Zhanar Bakisheva, Atkenova Aigerim. Doctors PhD in the specialty "Veterinary sanitation" - Zhamanova Asel, Auteleeva Laura. Doctors PhD in "Agricultural machinery and technology" - Kakabaev Nurbol, Amantayev Maksat. Doctors PhD in the specialty "Economics" - Okutaeva Saule, PhD doctors in the specialty "Management" - Zhanna Bulhairova et al.

Today the University is in the leading position, not only in the capital but also among the universities of the country showing good results in the field of education, training and employment of the graduates. The leaders among the students, have become leaders in their fields: Deputy Chairman of LLP "Management transport company "Astana"- Halelov Rustam (a graduate of the Technical Faculty), the chief accountant of the Republican State Enterprise" Zhasyl Aimak "MOA - Aymurzaeva Dinara (a graduate of the Faculty of Economics), Chairman of the youth committee of S.Seifullin KazATU - Kukeeva Aigerim (a graduate V&TZh faculty), chief specialist of LLP "Assessment Center" - Sautbek Abay (a graduate of the Faculty of Land Management), Chairman of the student union committee - Danabekuly Akylbek ( a graduate of the agronomy faculty).

Also, our graduates have found their place in show business, became stellar graduates: artistic director "Әzіl alemi 'theatrical studio" Bazaar zhoқ' - Қabatov Tursynbek, Director of creativity center MM - Mukanova Moldir (a graduate of the Faculty of Economics) "Creative studio of Nurzhan Beisenov” Director - Beisenov Nurzhan (a graduate of the Technical Faculty), the agency «BaqStar event» Director - Sakhariya Bayandy (graduate of V&TZh faculty), Director of "Әzіl alemi drama school" - Nurlanov Ruslan (graduate of agronomy faculty), the finalists of the contest "Kazakhstan dauysy' - Asylkhan Dastur (a graduate of the Technical Faculty), lead singers of the Trio «Z» - Kunafin Nurlan, Pshenbaev Olzhas (graduates of the Faculty of CS&IT), Sharipov Rahat (a graduate of the Faculty of Land Management).

Famous showmen of the capital are: Bibaev Bakhytzhan (a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture). Bekmaganbetov Daulet and Sazanbayev Rustem (graduates of the Faculty of Land Management). Amangosov Zhandarbek, Kibatt Abdrasul, Aman Shyntas, Hozhamkulov Nursultan (technical faculty graduates). Aimtorin Dastan, Burankulov Batyrkhan, Kuanyshkanov Shyngys (power faculty graduates). Akhmetov Adilet, Mirzakulov Alibek (graduates of the Faculty of Economics).