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Dear Students!

In order to ensure the safety of life and health of students, faculty, other employees of educational institutions, as well as to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 during the pandemic declared by the World Health Organization, based on the decision of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 12, 2020, No. 20, NAO «S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University» conducts classes of the third trimester of the 2019-2020 academic year in distance technology learning.

All types of professional practices will be available on an additional individual schedule in consultation with the Center for Entrepreneurship, Career and Business Development (CfECBD), Departments and Practices Managers. If you have additional questions, you can contact the Office of the Dean of faculty.

Catalog of elective courses

6B075 Standartization, cerification and metrology (by industries)

6В014 Teacher training with subject specialisation for general development

6B01401  Vocational training Maintenance service, repair and operation of road transport

6В021 Arts

6B02101  Design

6В041 Business and administration

6B04102  Financial analytics

6B04103  Business management and entrepreneurship

6B04104 Digital Marketing

6B04105  Modern Business Economics

6B04106 Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consulting

6В051 Biological and related sciences

6В051 Biological and related sciences

6B05101  Agricultural  Biotechnology

6B05102  Biotechnology

6В052 Environment

6B05201 Natural resources using

6B05202  Agroecology

6В061 Information and communication technologies

6B06101  Software engineering

6B06103  Computer Engineering

6B06115  Digital agricultural systems and complexes

6B06104  DevOps engineering

6В062 Telecommunications

6B06201 Telecommunication networks and systems

6B06202 Radio engineering and electronics

6В071 Engineering and engineering trades

6B07104  Technological machinery and Equipment

6B07104  Technological machinery and Equipment

6В072 Manifacturing and processing

6B07201  Food science

6В073 Architecture and Civil engineering

6B07301  Architecture

6B07302  Geodesy and cartography

6B07304  Land management

6В081 Agronomy

6B08101  Agronomy

6B08102  Breeding and seed production

6B08105 Advanced Agronomy Science

6В082 Animal production

6B08201  Аnimal husbandry

6В083 Forestry

6В083 Forestry

6В084 Fisheries

6В087 Agricultural engineering

6В087 Agricultural engineering

6В091 Veterinary

6B09101  Veterinary safety

6B09102  Food safety

6В113 Transport services

6B11301  Logistics in transport

6B11302 Traffic management and safety

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