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Department of Social Affairs
Student dormitories

On balance of the university there are 7 dormitories. In hostels all the conditions for accommodation of students are created.

In hostels full-time work on improvement of living conditions and also prevention of offenses is conducted. In this direction the video cameras established in dormitories №2a, №2b, №5, №6, №7, №3 (in the city of Shchuchinsk), №8 give the chance to keep rooms clean and also to prevent offenses.

Gyms, hairdressing salon, a sewing workshop and terminals for replenishment of balance work at each hostel.

In each hostel the student's dining room works where the complex lunch makes 330 tenge.

Accommodation in dormitories in one month makes 7000 tenges.

In all hostels IDTV, ID Phone and Internet networks are included. Each room of hostels is provided with the Internet network. There are refrigerators in the room. According to proposals of students in all hostels rooms of self-preparation, computer classes, laundries are equipped.

And also soccer fields are located in the territory of hostel №6, №7.

Under the leadership of the rector Kurishbayev A.K. the plan of measures on implementation of S. Seifullin KATU program of for 2012-2015 was adopted. Within this program the dormitory on 800 places was built.

Work of a student government at our university has the rich sources and traditions. During the 60-year history of existence the student's youth of the university always differed in the activity and organization. And now it is possible to give many examples which prove that today's students continue nice traditions of higher education institution put by their predecessors.

Today we have student government which really participates not only in public life of the university and the city, but also sets an example for students of other higher education institutions. Especially significant progress in student government is made in the hostel, where exactly students and student council play a major role in observance of  accommodation rules in the hostel, provide service conditions, the corresponding life and an order. In recent years we managed to construct such system when the student council of the hostel itself bears responsibility in decision-making. We consider that the administration of the university chose the correct technique of students` education, accenting their responsibility for providing an order where they live.

Today among youth becomes tradition Student's leagues among the hostels. In particular, leagues on soccer, volleyball, basketball, on capital tennis, leagues on togyz kumalak are created.

Applications for settling students of the 1 course into dormitories of  S. Seifullin Kazakh agro technical university will be considered in August (the exact time will be reported according to the announcement).

And for the students of older years will be considered at the end of the academic year (in May) depending on activity of participation in public works.               



When settling to hostels first of all the following categories of students become populated below:

  1. without parental support;
  2. having disability;
  3. owners of the state educational grants;
  4. from many children (if there are 3 and more children under 18 years) and from needy families.


  1. The application addressed to the Vice chairman of the board on educational work, Associate professor Kusainova Zh.A. (by a sample).
  2. Copy of the identity card of the student;
  3. The references certifying a social status of students;
  4. 6 photos 3*4.



The receipt on payment for accommodation in the hostel is provided (4142, 00 tenge per month). The student needs to pay for full academic year, that is  for 10 months (41420, 00 tenge). Payment is made in any branch of National bank or Kazkommerts bank.

Social security of university students

Social support of students in the university – the priority direction of the development plan for S.Seifullin Kazakh agro technical university. Administration of the university pays close attention to conditions of students of different social category. Today 135 family students, 107 students, without parental support, 4038 student from incomplete families, large families, students with limited opportunities also study at the university.

For material support of the students left without parental support from the means of Student's fund and also Fund of development of the university money is regularly allocated. Students of this category free of charge live in dormitories, use services of the Internet, free of charge eat in canteens of the university and also from means of Student's trade-union committee there is a financial support.

Students from large families monthly receive tickets from Akimat of Astana.

Considering a social status of student's youth, in dormitories favorable conditions are created, i.e. the cost of living in the hostel in one month is 7000 tenge.

Each room of hostels is provided the Internet with network. Now to all dormitories the сampus network with a speed 1Gb/s, with granting is carried out to each room of IDTV and IDPhone. At the same time long-distance negotiations on Kazakhstan are free.

In each room there are refrigerators. Also for support of students low prices in food points are established (the cost of a complex lunch - 330 tenge).

In 2013 for the first time in the territory of the campus the student's policlinic was open. Students are served in three sites by 4 therapists, cardiologist, neuropathologist, psychologist and 6 nurses who provide the timely qualified medical care and treatment. For control of health of the students living in hostels watch of employees of the medical center is systematically carried out in the evening.

In 2016-2017 academic year the dormitory for 800 places was put in operation.

In the territory of the university the social shop "Student", drugstore where consumer goods sell at reasonable prices work. In all dormitories there are gyms, hairdressing salon, a sewing workshop, terminals for replenishment of balance on phone are installed. Copiers are installed in all campuses and the prices of copy services are recorded.

At the university due attention is paid to full carrying out free time of students. Conditions for free visit by students of the above-named categories of theaters of the city are created. Students have an opportunity to play sports in the sports complex “Orlenok” and also in winter and summertime to have a rest in UOK "Saryarka" Shchuchinsk. In December, 2014 at a sports complex of the university the skiing lodge on 190 people was opened.

Weekly the rector carries out enrollment of students on private matters, there is telephone hotline (317-525), students ask questions via the website of the university. This work gives the chance to solve all social problems of students.

In 2017 at the Republican competition the social project of the university was included into a top of 10 best social projects.