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Additional education

“A personal credo of each Kazakhstan citizen should be an education throughout life”
                                                                                                                                          N. A. Nazarbayev

Additional education is one of the most important subsystems of continuing education.

Education throughout life is one of the parameters of Bologna Process. This parameter is realized in the university by rendering additional educational services to experts of production, college teachers, professional and teaching staff, students and postgraduates.

Additional professional education is the teaching process, which is carried out for the purpose of satisfaction of students and experts’ comprehensive requirements.

The main directions of additional professional education are:
1) advanced training of workers, employees, experts taking into account continuous increase of claims laid to them in connection with the changes taking place in technologies and production;
2) extending and improvement of earlier acquired professional knowledge and skills;
3) broadening of professional opportunities by obtaining additional qualifications in connection with changes of the structure of labor market.

The world practice has shown that additional professional education is one of powerful factors of adaptation and the advancing vocational training of experts to the up-to-date fast-changing working conditions







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