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Facts and Figures


is the position S. Seifullin KATU in the rating of the best universities of the world according to QS agency.

Since 2012, KATU is one of the 9 Kazakhstan universities being reckoned among 800 of the best universities of the world


All in all, in S. Seifullin KATU 90 educational programs are realized on:

  • 36 specialties of Bachelor degree
  • 31 specialties of Master degree
  • 23 specialties of Doctoral studies

Within 59 educational programs trilingual training is introduced


9 faculties of S. Seifullin KATU include 47 departments, 25 scientific centers and a military arts division

# 5

In the national rating of Independent Agency of Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) 12 educational programs of S. Seifullin KATU take first place, 8 of them rank second place and 10 programs rank third place.

30 educational programs of S. Seifullin KATU are reckoned among three of the best programs in the Republic of Kazakhstan

62 418

experts and bachelors have been trained in S. Seifullin KATU since 1957.

Among them there are parliamentary deputies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, successful businessmen, heads of organizations, public servants

10 579

is the total number of students and postgraduates in S. Seifullin KATU.

51% of them are being trained on the state educational grants


is the number of postgraduates in S. Seifullin KATU.

18% of them participate in scientific researches within various state programs


is the total number of the professional and teaching staff of S. Seifullin KATU, among them there are:
1) 60 Professors;
2) 84 Doctors of science
3) 370 Candidates of science
4) 22 PhD

516 mln.tenges

were directed to scientific researches in S. Seifullin KATU in 2015.

According to the number of the projects realized within grant financing for 2015 - 2017, KATU takes fourth place among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan


famous scientists from 15 countries participate in S. Seifullin KATU research projects.

Among them there are Professors of universities from the USA, Germany, Australia, Italy and other countries


of our graduates become employed according to the data of State center for pension payment.

On this indicator S. Seifullin KATU takes sixth place in Kazakhstan


lecturers of S. Seifullin KATU conduct disciplines in English.

Since 2012, 45 lecturers have been trained abroad within the Bolashak program


foreign students from People's Republic of China, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are being trained in S. Seifullin KATU.


universities from 30 countries are partners of S. Seifullin KATU.

105 foreign lecturers from 21 countries have delivered lectures in S. Seifullin KATU for 2012 – 2015, 180 learners have passed semester training in 11 foreign universities

2 200

entrants annually choose KATU for education.

According to the number of state grant holders S. Seifullin KATU is steadily reckoned with TOP-5 Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan