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Work of the youth committee

The strategic goal of the development of the Committee for Youth Affairs in the field of youth policy is to ensure the conditions for the educational process based on modern technologies for working with youth, as well as the full development and self-realization of the personal qualities of student youth, capable of making a worthy contribution to the development of Kazakhstani society.

The Committee for Youth Affairs carries out its activities in the following areas:

The supreme governing body of the CYA is the Presidium. The Presidium of the CYA includes: the chairman of the CYA (chairman of the presidium), his deputy, chairmen of the CYA of faculties, heads of departments of the Committee, representatives of public associations of the University.

At its meetings, the Presidium of the Committee on Youth Affairs considers all issues related to the youth of the University, hears reports, reports of youth structures. Decisions of the Presidium of the CYA, issued in the form of Resolutions, instructions are binding on the committees of the faculties, structural divisions of the Committee, representatives of public associations of the University.


Information on the events of the Committee for Youth Affairs

Master class on modern types of dance 30.11.2022

Round table discussion on the theme "New Kazakhstan" 15.11.2022

Concert in the orphanage "Svetoch" 12.11.2022

Meeting with Aitym Zhakupov, the founder of "Street workout Kazakhstan" 09.11.2022

Debate tournament "Youth is our bright future!" 09.11.2022

Round table "Beauty of the soul and body" 09.11.2022

Discussion hour: "Code of Honor" test 26.10-03.11.2022

Master class with a make-up master on the topic "Beauty is the promise of happiness" 26.10.2022

Inter-Faculty Reporting and Election Meeting of the Committee for Youth Affairs 12-15.09.2022

A reporting party of university aсtivists organized by the Committee on Youth Affairs 23.06.2022

Open day in hostels in 2021-2022 academic year 16.06.2022

Master class on the topic: “The girl is a symbol of beauty and grace” 15.06.2022

A survey "Educational work through the eyes of students" 10.06.2022

The game "Word boundaries" 10.06.2022

The contest "Student Spring" was held

A charity exhibition "Let there be kindness in the heart" 09.06.2022

Corruption prevention meeting 07.06.2022

Round table on the theme “Past. Present. Future” 06.06.2022

The "Save the world" challenge took place 31.05.2022

The intellectual game "Abay Kunanbayev" 28.05.2022

Master class on the theme "Pair dance" was organized 22.05.2022

Interfaculty debate tournament “Present, Past and Future” was held in the Kazakh League 18.05.2022

Interfaculty event "Best Politicians of the Year" 13.05.2022

The contest "Miss KazATU - 2022" 03.05.2022

Interfaculty debate tournament “Past. Present. Future” 28.04.2022

Interfaculty debate tournament “Past, present, future” 28.04.2022

Dance KazATU 26.04.2022

Interfaculty quest-game "Learning is the source of knowledge" 23.04.2022

Contest "Best University" 22.04.2022

The action "Care" 10.04.2022-10.05.2022

About the word game "Crocodile game" 05.04.2022

Meeting on the topic: "What is beautiful about poverty and wealth" 26.03.2022

Meeting with Tlectes Adambekov, a Majilis deputy of the Parliament of the RK 26.03.2022

The "Dance Campus" competition 25.03.2022

The “Amanat”debate club meeting on the topic: "Harm from computer games" 24.03.2022

Meeting at the mother's house 19.03.2022

The girls’ club "Symbat" held a master class for girls 18.03.2022

Intellectual contest "I am SMART" 17.03.2022

Essay contest on the theme "The 8 of March" 11-13.03.2022

Essay contest on the topic "Education is a man's wealth" 10.03.2022

The action "Thanksgiving is my duty" 01.03.2022

Master class on the theme "Knitting of the Knitted bags" 28.02.2022

Master-class "Beauty of the soul-beauty of the body" 28.02.2022

Helping low–income families "The key to happiness is kindness" 26.02.2022

The contest "The best duet" 25.02.2022

The report session of the Youth Affairs Committee for the first semester 24-25.02.2022

Kahoot game "The book is dearer to me than the throne" 21.02.2022

An open microphone on the topic "If you have money, you have power" 18.02.2022

Meeting on the topic: "Debate is better than sport" 18.02.2022

Meeting with the members of the Council of the Republican public association "Kazakh mothers - the path to tradition" on the topic "Earth paradise is a wide steppe, the beauty of the country is a girl" 18.02.2022

Final competition "PICTIONARY" 15.02.2022

Meeting with Magzum Arslanbek, the first deputy chairman of the capital branch of "Jas Otan" 10.02.2022

The round table "The future of our country is the educated generation" 10.02.2022

Interview on the topic "The role of social networks in society" 26.01.2022

Festive event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan "It's my duty - to say thank you" 20.01.2022

Assistance to people with disabilities "Light of Hope" 20.01.2022

Interfaculty discussion competition on the topic: "What should be the leader?" 14.01.2022

Online - course on the theme "Money is a form of power, but financial literacy is an even more powerful force" 23-26.12.2021

"Winter Star" contest 14.12.2021

Charity event: Help for mothers of many children 10-20.12.2021

"Independence is my pillar, my heart beats for my country!" 10.12.2021

The final game of the First League of the International Union of KVN 05.12.2021

Students of the debate club "Amanat" took part in the republican tournament "PRESIDENT CUP-I" in Pavlodar and returned with prizes 02-03.12.2021

Round table on the theme: "What do you think is the most profitable business of the 11th century?" 24.11.2021

Online meeting in the direction of "Popping dance" with the trainer-dancer Kasymov Yeleu 20.11.2021

The "Best Speaker" tournament 18.11.2021

A joint meeting with the debate club "Orda" of KazGYU University18.11.2021

The event on the theme "Child is human liver, light of eyes" 05-15.11.2021

Festive event "Autumn Prince and Princess" 12.11.2021

Seminar - training on the topic "Strive to be leaders" via ZOOM application 11.11.2021

The meeting "Youth of the 21st century" 10.11.2021

Make-up master class on the topic "Secrets of Beauty" organized by the girls' club "Symbat" 07.11.2021

Video game "Fun English" 07.11.2021

Master class on the theme "Modern bracelets" was held 30.10.2021

Presentation: “Code of honor" 25-29.10.2021

Master class: "Break Dance" 20.10.2021

Meeting of the girls' club "Symbat" 19.10.2021

Charity event: "The elderly people are our precious treasure" 01-04.10.2021

Meeting of the students’ council of dormitory #8 for the 2021-2022 academic year 01.10.2021

Interfaculty report-election meeting of the Youth Affairs Committee of S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University