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Konysbekov Marat Aitbekovich

Konysbekov Marat Aitbekovich


Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior lecturer of the

Department «Technological machines and Equipment»

office: 4508

phone: +7(707) 468 5668




1985 – 1993

Zhambyl Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry, specialty: «Machines and apparatuses of food production», mechanical engineer

1997 – 2000

Postgraduate studies at M.H.Dulati Taraz State University

2000 - 2001

Defense of the candidate's dissertation in «Processes and devices of food production» at the M.H.Dulati Taraz State University, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Work experience

1993-2023 y.

M.H. Dulati Taraz State University, engineer, head of laboratories, assistant, acting associate Professor (Department of «Machines and devices of food production», «Food Engineering», «Standardization and certification» and «Technological machines of equipment»), Head of the Department of «Labor Protection», Deputy Dean for the educational and educational part of the faculty.

2023 y.

S.Seifullin KATRU, Technical Faculty, Senior lecturer of the Department «Technological Machines and Equipment»

Advanced Training


M.H. Dulati Taraz Regional University, Karatau Mining and Technological College, «Improvement in the development of education, science, practice of educational work in educational institutions of technical and vocational education», certificate dated 30.04.2021, Taraz


Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology, «Development of standardization documents for new materials, products, methods», сertificate No. 2237-2022, Astana


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