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Mаgavin Sabit Shamilevich

Mаgavin Sabit Shamilevich


Candidate of technical Sciences,

 Associate Professor of " Technological machines and  equipment" 

Office 4513, tel.: +7(7172) 39-53-14, 87017409803


Research interests

Engineering technology, development and determination of parameters of technological machines and mechanisms.

Delivered  disciplines

Agricultural engineering technology, Fundamentals of engineering technology, Design and technological support of production. Mechanical characteristics of materials, Modern structural materials and protective coatings in mechanical engineering 


1968-1973 Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, faculty of mechanics and technology

1978-1982 postgraduate Studies at Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, faculty of mining machinery 

Work experience

10.1973 -02.1975 Master of mechanical Assembly section of Kokchetav mechanical plant

04.1975 -09.1985 Senior engineer, head of the group, head. sector NIS OMSR in units of the NGO " Soyuzspetsavtomatika"

 09.1985 -06.1996 Senior lecturer, associate Professor of the Department of General technical disciplines, Deputy Dean, Dean of professional and labor training of Karaganda pedagogical Institute

06.1996 -09.2015 associate Professor of the Department of mechanics and mechanical engineering, head of the Department of mechanical engineering, Vice-rector for administrative and economic Affairs, Dean of the professional and artistic faculty of  E. A. Buketov Karaganda state University.

09.2015 to the present day associate Professor of Technological machines and equipment, S. Seifullin KazATU.

Rewards, diplomas

- Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol prize of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology (1979)

- Badge "Inventor of the USSR" (1981)

- Letter of thanks of the first Vice-Minister of MES RK (2002.)

- Diplomas: Minister of MES of RK (2011), Akim of Karaganda region (2002)

- Diploma of the rector of KazATU. S. Seifullina (2018.)

Advanced training

  1. New academic policy of JSC " KATU. S. Seifullin"in the context of increased academic and managerial autonomy, Hapkido of JSC "KazATU", Astana, Kazakhstan, 2018 

Published works 

Author of more than 100 scientific works. The most important in the presented areas:

  1. K. Nagimzhanova,R. Aikenova, M. Dzhanbubekova, S. Magavin, N. IrgebaevaThe importance of educational quality management inimproving student's capital Espacios Volume 39,Issue 30,2018,3 p Cite score 2018-0, 19 Pesentile-14
  2. Magavin,S. S.,J. K. Aimurziev of Finding design and study of mud properties of the working body. Bulletin of science of Kazakh agrotechnical University. S. Seifullina (interdisciplinary).-2018.- No. 1 (96). Astana,publishing house of the CAT. C. 140-149.
  3. Icenova.A.,Magavin S. S.,Tanirbergenova A. S. Methodological principles of formation of the integral creative thinking of students. Bulletin of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, No. 2almaty, APNK publishing house, 2018.- S..38-48
  4. Akhmetov K. T., Roshchin V. E. Magavin S.S., Userbaev M., T., Zhumagaliev E. U. Solid-phase reduction of metals from rich oxide of chromium ores. Bulletin of science of Kazakh agrotechnical University. S. Seifullina (interdisciplinary). 2019. - №2 (101), President,publishing house of the CAT. Pp. 154-162
  5. Aikenova R. A., Magavin S. S, Yuzbekova N. N. Criteria and indicators of the evaluation of the computer linguistic competence of students. Bulletin of APN of Kazakhstan.2019.- No. 3(89 ),Almaty, publishing house of the APN..Pp. 27-36
  6. K. Nagimzhanova, L. Baimanova, S. Magavin, B. Adzibaeva, M. Betrenova .Base do desenvolvimento da personalidade profissional psicologica is e futuros de psicolog educacionais.Periodico tche ouimica Volune 16-Numero 33-2019-ISSN-2179-0302
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