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Sherov Karibek Tagaevich

Sherov Karibek Tagaevich


Doctor of Technical Sciences, member of the International Union of Mechanical Engineers

Professor Department of "Technological machines and equipment"

Office:4508, тел.: +7(7172)39-53-14


Сфера научных интересов

Development of technology for thermofrictional processing (at low speeds) with impulse cooling, rotary-frictional turning of parts of bodies of revolution, rotary-frictional milling of flat surfaces, thermofrictional milling of external cylindrical surfaces, friction welding of dissimilar materials, as well as measurement and control of angular and linear dimensions of functionally related surfaces of machine parts.


Fundamentals of Engineering, Machine Tools and Welding Equipment

Undergraduates and doctoral students working or defended under the guidance

Defended doctoral students:

- Doctor of Technical Sciences:Hodzhybergenov D.T.;

-PhD doctors:Mazdubay A.V., Rakishev A.K., Musaev M.M., Donenbaev B.S., Gabdysalyk R., Ainabekova S.S., Tusupova S.O.

Working doctoral students:

- PhD doctors:Esirkepova A.B., Smakova N.S., Sagitov A.A., Imanbaev E.B., Kuanov I.S., Myrzakhmet B., KarsakovaN.Zh., Abisheva N.B., Tattimbek G.



Bukhara Technological Institute of Food and Light Industry. Specialty: "Technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools";


      Tashkent State Technical University named after A.R. Beruni,

specialty "Processes of mechanical and physical-technical processing, machines and tools";


Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev, specialty "Technology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing".



Karaganda State Technical University (Associate Professor (2007-2013), Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology (2014-2015), Professor (2015-2021).

from 2021 tothepresent

Professor of the Department "Technological machines and equipment", S. Seifullin KATU.

Awards, certificates of honor

- Winner of the Republican grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan  "The best teacher of the university in 2011";

- Diploma-recipient of the Republican competition for achievements in the field of invention "Shapagat 2013";

- Twice winner (2014 and 2018) of the State Scientific Scholarship for scientists and specialists who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology;

- Awarded with the badge "Honorary Mechanical Engineer", 2015;

- Awarded the title "Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan", 2018.

Advanced Training

- Bratsk State Technical University (Russia), 2012.;

- Mechanical-engineering technology plant of the Company “STROJIRNA TYC s.r.o.” (Muto, Czech Republic), 2012;

- Vilnius Technical University Gediminas (Republic of Lithuania), 2012;

- JSC “National Institute of Aviation Technologies” (Moscow, Russia), 2013;

- Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), 2015;

- PO “Navoi mechanical-engineering plant” (Navoi, Uzbekistan), 2015;

- RUE CM. “Kirov Machine-Tool Plant named after” (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), 2016;

- JSC Machine-Tool Plant “Krasny Borets” (Orsha, Republic of Belarus), 2016;

- Navoi State Mining Institute (Navoi, Uzbekistan), 2019;

- LLP "Maker (Maker)" - KLMZ (Karaganda, Kazakhstan), 2020.


Author of over 400 scientific and educational works, including 14 monographs, 10 textbooks, 68 study guides, 52 patents for inventions, 24 certificates of state registration of rights to an object (scientific work) of copyright.

Also, more than 40 scientific papers in scientific journals of foreign countries, including 15 in international scientific journals included in the database of the information company Clarivate Analytics Web of Science Core Collection non-zero impact factor and 35 in scientific journals from the list of Scopus.


1.Sherov K.T. and etc.The research of micro-hardness of side surfaces of teeth cylindrical wheels processed by “shaver-rolling device”/ Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Sofia, Vol. 50 No.1 (2020) PP.50-56.

2. Sherov K.T. and etc.Thermofrictional Cutting with Pulsed Cooling. / Russ. Engin.Res. 40, 926–929 (2020).

3. Sherov K.T. and etc.Research of ways of connecting reinforced bars in the production of reinforced concrete products / Journal of Applied Engineering (JAES) Science, Vol. 18 No. 3 (2020) – P. 372-377.

4. Sherov K.T. and etc.Studying the process of tooling cylindrical gears / Journal of Applied Engineering (JAES) Science,Vol. 18 No. 3 (2020) – P. 327-332.

5. Sherov K.T. and etc.The research of the steel cutting blade reliability for thermo-frictional processing / News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Series of geology and technical sciences. 2020. Volume 1, Number 439 (2020), P.122 – 130.