Agricultural management

Agricultural management

Master conrse 7M041 - Agricultural management

EDUCATIONAL program 7M041 - Agricultural management

Qualifications - for scientific and pedagogical direction the academic degree is "Master of Economic Sciences", on the profile direction - "Master of Economics and Business."

Duration of training - scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years, profile direction - 1 year;

Full-time form of education

Master – the professional training program of postgraduate education is aimed at training of scientific, pedagogical and administrative personnel being awarded the academic degree "Master" in the specialty "Management”: with  the scientific and pedagogical direction with the mandatory development of at least 42 credits of theoretical training, at least 6 credits of practice and not less than 7 credits of research work; at profile direction with the mandatory development of at least 18 credits of theoretical training, a minimum of 2 credits of practice and not less than 4 credits of experimental and research work.

Education in the master's degree in " Agricultural Management" is aimed at training of high-level professionals with theoretical, analytical, applied knowledge and skills.

Objects of professional work of graduates of master's tours in the specialty  7M041- " Agricultural Management" are organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership, regardless of industry and areas of activity; authorities and infrastructure of the state and local government; educational establishments; research centers, research and expert consulting organizations, inter-departmental, inter-regional and international scientific design organizations.

Master's course in the specialty 7M041 - " Agricultural Management", specialization "Agricultural Management" is a member of associations "International Network of Master's programs on the agrarian management and rural development project of the German Service for the Exchange of Students (DAAD)" and through a single network of curricula implemented the partnerships with agrarian universities of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Germany and others.

Since the 2015 academic year, German-language Master's Course (DSG) has been introduced. This course provides students with opportunities for advanced training in the agricultural sector in Germany, as well as training in practical and theoretical semesters at the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Germany. The best students are awarded all-cost reimbursement scholarships and semester grants (Sur-Place Stipendium, DAAD). DSG graduates possess sufficient competencies for the local agricultural sector, as well as for cooperation with German and international companies.

The program "Agricultural management" was developed by a team of domestic and foreign scientists, teachers, successful businessmen, taking into account economic trends and labor market requirements. 6 doctors of Sciences, 30 candidates of Sciences and PhD, including more than 10 holders of the title "Best teacher of the University" and the international scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan "Bolashak", teachers-holders of a double diploma of Kazakhstan and Germany; graduates of doctoral studies of foreign universities are involved in the implementation of the educational program of masters; professors from the University of applied Sciences Weihenstephan – Triesdorf (Germany); famous scientists - agrarians; managers, practitioners with extensive experience of administrative work.

Contact Adviser:  Kazkenova Aigul Serikovna – master  of  Economic sciences. Phone: +7 (7172) 39-67-02