Food Technology

Educational program

(bachelor degree)          

  • 6B07201-«Food Technology"
  • Training period - 4 years
  • Qualification of the graduate - Bachelor of Engineering and Technology 


  • 7M07201 - "Food technology"
  • Training period 2 years
  • Qualification of the graduate - Master of Engineering and Technology


  • 8D07201 - "Food technology"
  • Training period - 3 years
  • Qualification of the graduate - Doctor of Philosophy PhD

Purpose of the educational program "Technology of food products" in the direction of 6B072 - "Production and processing industries" is to train competitive specialists for food industry and research organizations. 

General characteristics of the EP:

- The educational program was developed jointly with professors of the University of California Davis (USA) and taking into account recommendations of the leading industry experts;

- The scientific experimental platform for the production and processing of agricultural products, developed under the State program of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019, is a mirror reflection of UCDavis laboratories. The platform consists of 4 experimental production workshops of meat, dairy, bakery products and vegetable oils. All audiences are equipped with digitalization systems for the educational process, allowing online monitoring of technological processes in workshops;

- Highly qualified and competent teaching staff. 70% of staff have Sciences degree, namely 2 Doctors of Sciences, 15 Canditates, 1 PhD and masters;

- Education in multilingual groups and dual technology, i.e. the theoretical part of classes is held at the university classrooms, and practical classes are held in the manufacturing enterprises;

- Students have the opportunity to study at the leading universities of Europe, the United States and other countries. 10-15 students annually leave to study and have internships via various programs (International Credit Mobility; LOGO - Landwirtschaftund Oekologisches Gleichgewichtmit Osteuropa; Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Angers, etc.) to worlds leading universities, such as Angers University (Universitéd ' Angers, France), University of California at Davis (UCDavis, USA), University of applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Trizdorf (Germany), etc.;

- opportunity to study at the military training program  MAS-250300 "Catering" and continue at a master degree at the department of University;

-access to the social package of services and goods at the university, such as accommodation in student dormitories, purchase of goods from social pharmacy and grocery store, meals in canteens, located on the main campus of the university. 

Spheres of professional activity of a bachelor in EP "Food Technology" are the fields of food industry (dairy, meat, oil and fat, pasta, confectionery, wine-making and brewing industry, etc.), R&D organizations, enterprises of various forms and types of ownership. 

Types of professional activity:

- the introduction of the technological processes; improvement of technological operations and participation in the development of resource-saving technological processes; analysis of technical equipment and production activities of enterprises taking into account the requirements of ecology, labor protection, fire explosion safety and production sanitation;

- organization of team work, management decisions; analysis of technical and economic indicators of enterprises and marketing activities; food standardization and certification;

- development and design of technological schemes of enterprises of the food industry and public catering enterprises; reconstruction of existing enterprises of the food industry and public catering;

- the study and analysis of scientific and technical information, domestic and foreign experience in the food industry;

- work in the field of education. 

Name of specialties


Educational program group


For school graduates,

full form of study

The 1st elective component

The 2nd elective component

5В072700 - Food technology

В068 –  Food Production



5В072800 - Technology of processing industries

Graduate-bachelor has the opportunity to continue their studies at the master's degree, graduate master's degree at the PhD.

Phone numbers for information: 8(7172)317-556,  398-018.

Adviser: M. M. 8(7172)39-73-27


Department "Technology of food and processing industries"