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Ermekbayev Seitkamal Baimuratovich

Ermekbayev Seitkamal Baimuratovich


candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

office3102, tel. +7(7172) 39-73-27

Telephone: +7 (701) 514 92 93

E - mail:


Field of scientific interests

Improving the technology of storage and processing of crop products and training scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field oftechnology of food production.

Scientific qualification

Academicdegree - 1993 candidateoftechnicalsciences, 05.18.03 «Primary processing, storage of grain and other crop production»

Academictitle- 2003assistant professor, 05.18.00 «Technology of food products»

Subjects to be read

Grain science with the basics of crop production, Flour technology, Cereal technology, Feed technology, Nanotechnology in food and processing industries.

Undergraduates and postgraduate students of working under my supervision

Master’s students: 20 


1976-1982 years.

Djambul Technological Institute (with distinction) Qualification - process engineer of grain storage and processing;



Moscow State Academy of Food Production, postgraduate student


Work experience

1982-1985 years.

Project Institute of Grain, senior engineer, Tashkentcity;

1985-1990 years.

Tashkent Technological College, Head of department,Tashkentcity;

1996-2003 years.

ATU, head of department, deputy dean, assistant professor of faculty, Almaty city;

2003-2009 years.

Dean of the Faculty of  KazUTB, Astana city;

From 2009 years.

Assistant professorof S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University.


Awards, certificates of honours 

  • Awarded with the order “Kurmet”by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2016 year;
  • Awarded with the order “Kurmet”by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2016 year.


Professional development

  • "Modeling of the activities of the subjects of the National Qualifications System of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of qualification (certification) standards, qualification (certification) programs and evaluation materials". JSC Republican Scientific and Methodological Center of Astana, (June, 25-29 2018 y.);
  • "Modern forms and methods of teaching:searches and solutions", N.B.A. named by   Altynsarin, JSC "KAZUTB", FAO "NCPC" Orleu" Nur-Sultan (March, 30 – April, 4,     2020 y.).


Author of more than 100 scientific publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals indexed by RSCI, KKSON, including 6 textbooks and 11 textbooks, 1 monograph.


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