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Department history

Department history


In order to prepare a reserve commanding officers for the Armed Forces in the Tselinograd agricultural institute a military department was created.

The department has created the most necessary training facilities and beginning of military training in October 1958 (on the order TACI number 237 from September 16, 1958). In 1961, in accordance with the conduct of disarmament and reduction of military department of the Armed Forces was abolished.

In 1965, due to the beginning of the "cold war", there is an urgent need for training of reserve officer training, and military department was rediscovered. Head it was appointed Colonel Petrychenko F.D, which has done a lot for the formation and development of the military department. Creating loops in the department (tactical - 1969 fire - 1971) and road profile (1975) has played a crucial role in the training and education of students.

In 1976, a new military occupational specialty "Application of motor units, combined arms units and formations of destination" was opened (MAS-261 001).

In 1985 began a new stage in the development of the department: was put into operation a complex that includes a typical 4-storey building with classrooms, laboratories and auxiliary rooms, closed parking lot - storage park of military equipment, vehicles, maintenance item, shooting 50- meter shooting range.

Since February 2009, the military department opened two new specialties: "Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, multi-purpose" (MAS-560201), "Topographical works" (MAS-590200).

From September 2012 began training in two military specialties "Application of automotive parts and combined arms units destination connections", "Maintenance and repair of automotive multi-purpose technology" in the state language.

Military officers of the Department was fully staffed. All officers have military experience and are consistent with staffing destination.

Head of the military department were in different years:

16.09.1958 - 01.01.1961 - Colonel      Zhabiyev Savely Padoevich

04.08.1965 - Colonel Petrychenko Fedor Dmitrievich

24.11.1975- Colonel  Belinsky Vionor Georgievich

29.11.1985 - Colonel Losev Vladislav Vladimirovich

14.12.1993 - Colonel Borodovitsyn Anatoly Petrovich

24.11.1997- Colonel  Richter Albert Ignatievich

18.10.1999 - Colonel Dalabaev Adilkhan Kuanyshbayevich

12.01.2002 - 03.06.2008.- Colonel Solovyov Vladimir Nikolaevich

03.06.2008- 31.03.2014 - Colonel Alzhaparov  Sovet Kayrkenovich

Since 1.04.2014 appointed Retired Colonel Dulambaev Tolegen Agibaevich