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Department of architecture and design

Department of architecture and design


Degree programmesat the Faculty are conducted in two directions: Architecture with a focus on the residential and public buildings and Design with a focus on the architectural design.

The Faculty is formed bythe experienced teachers, many of whom have had a previous site experience, extensive experience in teaching and possess a deep scientific and professional expertise. At the moment the Department is consisting of 5 Doctors of Sciences, 11 Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors and 3 honorary luminaries of fine arts and design of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The teachers are members of the following creative unions of the country: Union of the Designers of Kazakhstan, Union of the Architects of Kazakhstan, Union of the Urban Planners of Kazakhstan, Union of the Artists of Kazakhstan, International Academy of Architecture (IAAM).

The Department of Architecture and Design is comprised of the following educators:

Doctor of Architecture, Professor of IAAM, Kornilova A. A., Doctor of Architecture, Academician of IAAM, Laptev V. A., Doctors of Technical Sciences, professors:Sakhi D. M.,Soronkulov Sh. Zh.

Candidates of architecture:

Abdykarimova Sh. T, Lapteva I. V., Horovetskaya E. M., Chikanayev A. Sh., PhD: Abdrasilov L. A., Yespenbetov B. J., Dzhanakhmetov W.K., Sydygaliev D. S., Shartayev S. A.

Honorary Fine Arts Luminaries: Baitenov M. S., Smagulov S. A.

Associate Professor: Antoncheva L. A.,

Senior Lecturers: Gaetskaya M. E,Shliakhtich Y. V., Chirkova L. A., Tezekbayev M. K., Ustinova K. I., Andrishulik V. M., Ismayilov, W. D., Tyurin S. M., Yessenbayev A.M., Rysaliyev A. S., Suraganov S.K, Sheryazdanov I.E., Yestayev T.B., Kushimanov E. N.

Faculty assistants: Kartabayeva G. S., Kazangap. M.E., Grebnev A. L., Karabayev G. A., OspanovT.Zh., Batyrbekova N. He., Baimuldina D. B., Amirbekova A. A.,Sembin M. S., Sarsenbayeva D. A.

The work load among the teachers is distributed by their professional experience, qualifications and areas of expertise.Leading experts of Nur-Sultan are also invited to conduct classes as well as to lead the undergraduate diploma design work. Educational, industrial and pre-diploma practices of the students are held in the foremost design companies of the capital city. Contracts have been signed with 16 firms of Nur-Sultan. At the end of the practice, student reports are accepted by the appointed committee in the form of portfolios with sketches, drawings and written pieces.

Currently, undergraduate training in Architecture, code 5B042000, and Design, code 5B042100,relies on the state educational standards for full-time education. In 2006 a license to open a Master degree in Architecture, code 6M042000, was received by the university. Similarly, in 2013 doctoral studies in Architecture, code 6D042000, and a Master degree in Design, code 6М042100, were launched. Undergraduate training is conducted in Kazakh and Russian. Master and doctoral studies are conducted in a multi-lingual form. The students’ education is realized with the state grants and on a contractual basis as well.

The faculty members and students annually participate in the scientific conferences at various places (Poland, Russia, Israel, Czech Republic, etc.). More than 200 of their works have received diplomas of degrees I and II at the international competitions, which were held in Saratov, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Vologda, Samara, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, which are the cities in Russia, also in the Yerevan of Armenia, the Baku of Azerbaijan, in Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, which are the cities of Kazakhstan.

The collaboration between the teachers and the students results in their participation in the exhibitions and competitions as well as work on the real designs. Their participation in the subject-specific contests, creative contests and exhibitions has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas. The main events are the National exhibition of the Artists of Kazakhstan, Exhibition dedicated to the Anniversary Day of the capital city; the Exhibition of works at the International Symposium, Exhibition of the Young Artists, the National Exhibition named "Beloved Astana, our creativity and inspiration", Art and Photo exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of KATU after S. Seifullin, and other exhibitions such as "City and Design", "Competition of Young Designers", "Shanyrak of love", etc.

Practical training of students takes place in different directions such as space measurement, outdoor drawing, industry visits and introductory sessions, which take place within the city and in the other cities of Kazakhstan as well as abroad. The training provided by the Department corresponds with the current and perspective requirements for the educational programmers. The profile of student employment indicates a high level of training and their competitiveness in the Kazakhstan labor market. The Department holds close ties with the architectural faculties across the country and collaborates with the City Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The Department is headed by doctor PhD Muzdybaeva T.K.

Specialties architecture


Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Programme code: 5B042000

Duration: 5 years

Form of study: full-time

Brief programme scope:

Relevant professional areas and bodies: construction, science, education, departments of architecture and urban planning of the district, city and regional levels.

Objects of professional activity: architectural design, organization and management.

Subject of professional activity: the articulation of the human environment.

Types of professional activity: architectural design work, design work for industry and technology, pedagogical work in secondary schools that have a focus on architecture and construction, administrative and managerial work in the relevant departments, Master degree in Architecture at the universities of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Content of professional activity: development of design and cost estimate documentation, design work in industry and technology, pedagogical activity, historical and theoretical analysis of a conducted work, its summary and promotion.

Brief description of skills

  1. Graphic design skills, volumetricsoftware modelling with the use of state-of-the-art software packages for personal computers; situational analysis, market analysis, economic management methods, methods of modelling economic processes, economic evaluation of projects; sketches and presentations of objects and environments in closed and open spaces, color and light representation, representation of the color and texture of materials of the designed objects; creative concept development and its preliminary sketching; compositional solution of a project; modelling and resolving the color and graphics of a model; design for a specific urban environment taking into consideration the factors that affecting the formation of an environment;
  2. Independently conduct pre-project studies; articulate tasks and determine ways to achieve them; evaluate a result; present project proposals in a professional form in accordance with the regulatory requirements and standards.

Programme summary

The programmeprovides theoretical knowledge and practical skills for project development in architecture and for urban development of cities and regions. This programme is developed in accordance with the National Qualification Framework and Professional Standards, is in accordance with the Dublin descriptors and the European Qualifications Framework and involves a broad basic training.

Programmeplace in the national rating of IAAR(Independent Agency of accreditation and rating)

Architecture, 5B042000,takes the 3rd place in theIAAR rating.

Contact in case of questions: Head of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Isina Asem Zaisanovna

Phone: +7 (7172) 39 75 59



Qualification: Master of Arts in Architecture

Programme code:6M042000

Duration: 1 year – profile education; 2 years – scientific and pedagogical education.

Form of study: full-time

Brief description of the programme’s use:

  1. Profile Master programme provides graduatetraining for the architects that possess in-depth professional experience. Theprogramme’s core lies in the applied education. The graduate of this program can be employed as a designer, design manager and perform managerial works.
  2. Science and education Master programme offers the graduate the possibility of a consequent postgraduate education, work in science and research sector and is aimed at improving and deepening the student’s research and teaching skills in the field of architecture.

As a result of this course, the graduate should obtain a fundamental scientific and professional preparation, know current information technologies, including methods for obtaining and processing scientific information, be able to articulate and resolve relevant scientific and practical problems, plan and conduct research and/or experimental research in his area of expertise, teach in universities, successfully conduct research and management activities.

Brief description of skills

  1. Graduate of the profile Master programme may be employed as a designer, design manager and perform managerial works.
  2. Graduate of the scientific and pedagogical Master programme may be employed in the higher education sector, teach, work on the analytical developments concerning educational processes, compile model and working curricula, develop teaching methodologies, give lectures and practice training in architecture, art, etc.

Possibility of continuing education

The graduates that have successfully finished one of the programmes are prepared to pursue the doctoral studies.

Brief programme summary

The programme in Architecture, 6M042000, was requested by the employers, who had been in need of the architects that were able to develop, implement and monitor design work in architecture and urban planning.The main objectives of the programme are, therefore, to instillcore professional competencies, provide prerequisites for the students’ independent research activities, develop skills of working with scientific and technical information, teach to systematize and summarize obtainedinformation, teach to use domestic and foreign experience in professional activities. The underlying idea isa focus on the future, which is manifested in constructing education for success in the professional activities to meet the employer requests.

Programme place in the national rating of IAAR

Architecture, 6M0420000, takesthe 4th place in the IAAR rating

Contact in case of questions: Head of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Isina Asem Zaisanovna

Phone: +7 (7172) 39 75 59



Qualification: Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in Architecture

Programme code:6D042000

Duration: 3 years, both science and teaching programme and a profile programme

Form of study: full-time

Brief description of the programme’s use

Professional activity of the doctors of philosophy (PhD) and the doctors in the profile track of the programmecan be following:

  • design work in architecture and urban planning;
  • administrative and managerial work in the structural units of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the district, city and regional level;

For those with scientific and pedagogical training:

  • research work in architecture and urban planning;
  • scientific and pedagogical work at the universities, colleges with architecture and construction focus;
  • educational (pedagogical);
  • methodological.

Brief description of skills

Scope of professional work:

  • educational work in the higher education bodies, vocationalschools with architecture and construction focus,
  • scientific and managerial work in research and industry bodies, research institutes, departments of the State Office of enterprise and private sector management.
  • managerial work in the structural units of the Department of architecture and urban planning of the district, city and regional level, regional and district administrative bodies, architecture firms of various forms of ownership.
  • Objects of professional work:
  • higher education and vocational education institutions with architecture and construction focus;
  • research and industry centers, research institutes with architectural focus;
  • structural units of the departments of architecture and urban planning of regional and district administrative bodies,
  • architecture firms of different forms of ownership.

Brief programme summary

  • ensuring quality education by requiring a certain preparatory background from the doctoral students and by requiring a regulated quality of educational process;
  • regulating the rights of the subjects of educational work;
  • improving theevaluation of the doctoral students’ knowledge and the quality of educational programs with objective and informative criteria;
  • creating academic mobility opportunities for the doctoral students;
  • ensuring the functioning of the single educational space of Kazakhstan;
  • ensuring the recognition of the Kazakhstan degree of doctor (PhD) or the doctor of the profile programme internationally and on the international labor market.

Doctoral programme in Architecture, 6D042000 (hyperlink)

Contact in case of questions Head of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Isina Asem Zaisanovna

Phone: +7 (7172) 39 75 59

International cooperation

The Department of architecture and design cooperates with leading foreign scientific centers such as: international public organization of promoting architectural education (MOOSAO), national Institute of design (Moscow, Russia), Moscow architectural Institute (Moscow, Russia), Czech technical University (Brno, Czech Republic), Kyrgyz state University of construction, transport and architecture named after N. And.Isanova (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), etc. To work on the faculty of leading foreign specialists attracted that read a series of lectures on topics of disciplines. It Urbanova H. - doctor of architecture, Professor at the Technical University (Brno, Czech Republic), Gugerell K. - doctor, Professor of the Vienna University of life Sciences (Vienna, Austria), Nazarov Y. V. – doctor, Professor, national Institute of design (Moscow, Russia), Yatsuk O. G. – PhD, Professor, national Institute of design (Moscow, Russia), etc.

Teachers and students of the Department participate in scientific conferences of different levels (Poland, Russia, Israel, Czech Republic, etc.). In the international competition of graduation projects with diplomas of I, II degree awarded more than 200 works. Competitions were held in Saratov, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Vologda, Samara, Voronezh, Yerevan, Krasnoyarsk, Baku and other cities.

Student life

Students and teachers regular participate in national and international art exhibitions, competitions, auditions the best thesis. For participation in exhibitions "Architectural elite", "Shabyt", "Intelligence", "Science and education XXI century", etc., students and teachers repeatedly awarded certificates, diplomas and cash prizes.

In the educational process at the faculty is widely used in the Studio learning method in the form of "Master class". Classes are held in the workshops of the leading practitioners of the city architects, headed by our graduates. This firm: "LR", "Office of the Architect", "Studio-Art", "Jarname-Astana", "kalibri-Astana" and others, where, along with General professional training provides training in specialist subjects and are given real design. Literally from the third year of the most able students are invited architectural firms of our graduates, where after graduation graduates a permanent job.

Students and teachers of the Department participate in scientific conferences of different levels. Following the conference produced collections of articles and abstracts. Students are awarded with diplomas, prizes.

Graduate students in the Department of architecture and design are regularly published in the annual directory up to the international competition of graduates of architectural schools. For participation in exhibition "Architectural elite", "Shabyt", "Intelligence", "Science and education XXI century" "City and Design" etc. Students and teachers repeatedly awarded certificates, diplomas and cash prizes.

Information on the subject Olympic Games on Architecture department

Third- and fourth-year students of Design, 5B042100, participate annually in the subject Olympiads held for the students of the higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Kazakh Head Academy of Architecture and Construction (KazHAAC), International Education Corporation (IEC), Almaty,Kazakhstan. The KazATU students have been repeatedly awarded with the diplomas of I, II and III degrees and certificates.The purpose of the Olympiad in Design is to attract students and young scientists to the scientific issues of the time and develop their interest in science.

On March 14-15, 2019 the subject Olympiad was held in KazHAAC. 377 students from the architecture and construction faculties of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad. 5 students from the Faculty of Architecture and Design, KazATU, took part in the subject of design and 10 people -  in the subject of architecture. The students of KazATU received 13 diplomas in total. The places were distributed in the following way:

Diplomas of degree I: Bosak Viktoriya, Sadvakas Olzhas, Andriyanov Maksim

Diplomas of degree II: Isin Bekzat, Shevchenko Oleg, Beysembayev Adil', IskakovaTamila, Adilova Akmaral, Andesheva Damira.

Diplomas of degree III: Zhylқybay Maқsat, ҚayratovErzhan.

Certificates from the Union of the Architects of Kazakhstan:

Chuprina Mikhail andChekimbayev.

Professor, PhD. arch. Kornilova A. A. and assistant Karabayev G. accompanied the students.

It may be worth noting that the high achievements of the KazATU students at the Olympiad is the merit of the entire staff of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Congratulations to all the participants of the subject Olympiad and to the teachers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Wish of further success!



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