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Department of Land Management

Department of Land Management


The Department "Land Management" started its activity from the day of the foundation of Akmola Agricultural Institute (now KATU named after S.Seifullin). Since 2008 Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin has begun training specialists in the field of geodesy and cartography. In 2018, in connection with the creation of a new academic structure, the Department of Land Management and Geodesy was organized.

The department realizes educational programs in the following specialties: 5В090300-Land management, 6М090300-Land management, 5В071100 - Geodesy and cartography.

The faculty of the department involves 29 people, including 2 doctors of science, 12 candidates of science and 13 masters.

The scientists of the department are repeatedly awarded with memorable awards, medals, diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Department of Land Management and Geodesy being specialists graduating  department is closely associated with the production and land management faculties of other universities located in the CIS. The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in improving the qualification of production workers; participates in the work of scientific and industrial conferences on the publication of regulatory documents necessary for the implementation of land reform and other legislative acts.

The educational program on specialty 5В090300 "Land use plannig" was worked out in accordance with the National scope of qualifications and professional standards, concerted with the Dublin descriptors and European scope of qualifications.

Speciality 5В090300 "Land Use Planning" by the results of ranking took: the 2nd place in 2014, the 3rd place in 2015 among educational establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also in 2014 educational programs on specialty 5В090300- Land use planning and 6М090300- Land use planning passed the specialized accreditation of IAAR.

Specialty 5В071100 - "Geodesy and cartography" takes the 6th place in the national ranking of IAAR RK.

The direction of scientific research of the department: methodological and scientific-methodological basis for rational use of land resources and organization of the territory, as well as scientific research in the field of geodesy and cartography. 

Research work is implemented on the basis of annual and perspective plans of the department. It is realized in the following directions:

  • participation in the tenders for grant financing of scientific researches;
  • research work on the orders of the enterprises;
  • realization of Economic Agreement works on commercial basis;
  • publication of scientific articles, textbooks and monographs;
  • participation in scientific conferences;
  • reviewing of scientific articles, abstracts of the thesis;
  • guidance the co-researchers and master students

The lecturers of the department Кrykbaev ZH.К., Ozeranskaya N.L. are participating in the scientific researches of the project with grant financing "Creation of a concept for the development of land management projects for agro-formations in the system of sustainable management of rural areas" (project manager Abeldina R.К.).

In 2014 -2015 academic year the lecturers of the Department N.L.Ozeranskaya, N.О. Moscowskaya  took part in a joint work with the Department of Cadastre in association with "TengizShevroil" Ltd. on the topic "Development of rules and recommendations on forming,  approval, handing over and storage of  Land Planning and Earth-Cadastre documentation" (leader of the group is Кurmanova G.К.).

From 2015 the scientific research work has been conducting on the initiative theme, number of state registration 011РК0312, "Irrigation of suburban areas and territories" till 2017. The manager of the project is candidate of technical sciences Abduramanov G.A.

Training the master's degrees on this specialty is conducted according to scientific and pedagogical direction with two years of educating. Individuals who have successfully passed the final certification for mastering the professional educational program of postgraduate education are awarded an academic degree "Master in Services in the specialty 6M090300 -" Land Management ".

Two modern educational laboratories have been operating within the department:

  1. Digital photogrammetry
  2. Specialized geodesy laboratory. In the last few years the department has activated equipment of labs with the modern devices and technologies in the area of geodesy, cartography and processing of data of Earth Resources Exploration. The Digital photogrammetric station on the basis of Erdas Imagine software, electronic tachymeters, two frequency GPS receiver, locators, CREDO software have been purchased.

On the territory of rural district Kabanbay Batyr of Tselinograd region an educational geodesic landfill has been organized where there are 2 geodesic points of triangulation and 2 ground bench marks.

The majority of graduates work in the system of the state land management service, in numerous branches of the State Research and Production Center for Land Management, Kazgeodesy, Kazakhstan garysh-sapary (space trip), Almaty Card Enterprise, LLP "HIE Kazakhstan", JSC "Caspimunaigaz", Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, as well as in various public and private enterprises related to the use and ownership of land.

Head of the department Makenova Saule Kazhapkyzy.


The Department of Land Management was organized in 1959 by the largest scientist of land management and land relations, Doctor of Economics, Professor M.A.Handelman, who led it for 28 years.

The first teachers made a big contribution to the department: Professor Maul Ya.Ya., associate professors Rezaev V.V., Krykbaev Zh.K., Ozeranskaya N.L., Shevchenko P.S., Stupakov N.A., Simonova L.A., etc. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor Krykbaev Zh.K headed the department for more than 12 years.

Later, the department was headed by Ph.D. in Economics, senior lecturer Bekturganova A.E., associate Professor, Ph.D. Karbozov T.E. In 2018, two departments of Land Management and Geodesy merged.

The joint department was named "Land Management and Geodesy", with the head of the department Toleubekova Zh.Z. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Since April 1, 2022, as a result of the division, the Department of Land Management was re-formed, the head of the department was PhD, associate Professor, Makenova Saule Kazhapovna.

Since its formation, the department has been graduating in the specialty "Land Management". The department implements educational programs in the following specialties:

6B07304 Land Management – Bachelor's degree,

7M07304 Land Management – Master's degree,

8D07304 Land Management - doctoral degree.

The faculty of the department consists of 2 Doctors of Sciences, 2 PhD doctors, 7 candidates of sciences, 9 masters.

Scientists of the department have been repeatedly awarded with commemorative awards, medals, diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ozeranskaya Natalia Lvovna – Honorary Land Surveyor of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Karbozov Tolegen Ermaganbetovich – Honorary Land Surveyor of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Makenova Saule Kazhapovna – Diploma of the NANOC "ULTTYK AGRARLYK FYLYM-BILIM I TAKE ORTALYGY".


Head of the department Makenova Saule Kazhapkyzy.


The scientific and innovative activity of the Department "Land Management" is carried out in accordance with the National Project for the Development of the agro–industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2025 and includes: conducting fundamental, exploratory, applied research in order to solve the rational use of land resources and organization of the territory by participating in program-targeted financing on a competitive basis, industry grant financing, financing of commercialization of scientific developments and transfer of agricultural technologies.

Within the framework of grant funding in 2018-2020, the following were carried out:

  • a project on the topic "Development of spatial data infrastructure 2.0 on the example of an agro-industrial agglomeration" (head O.A.Alipbeki).


  • project on the topic "Study of the mechanism of management of sustainable development of rural areas based on the optimization of settlement of depressed regions".  (head V.V. Akimov)


The main forms of scientific and innovative work are:

- performance of research and preparation of theoretical papers;

- development of scientific papers and monographs, methodological documents, textbooks and teaching aids, writing dissertations, articles, preparation of reports, scientific reports, communications, reviews and conclusions;

- conducting scientific conferences and seminars;

- - development of methodology analysis of the results of the

- inventive, innovation and patent–licensing work.

To date, the teaching staff of the department is working on the scientific problem of rational use of land resources and organization of the territory within the framework of the project:

  • PCF of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Study of the impact of state policy in the agricultural sector on the development of cooperative processes in the agro-industrial complex, sustainable development of rural areas and provision" (2021-2023) (head O.A.Alipbeki)

Scientific research is carried out in a specialized research laboratory of land management and cadastre.

According to the results of scientific research for 2018-2022, the teachers of the department published 3 monographs:

  1. Management of sustainable development of rural areas based on optimization of settlement of depressed regions: Monograph / V.V. Akimov, S.K. Makenova, O.S. Music. – Nur-Sultan, 2020. – 160 p. ISBN 978-601-338--647-8
  2. Development of land relations and land management in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Monograph / J. K. Krykbayev, N.L. Ozeranskaya, A.E. Bayarlin, S.K. Makenova, J. Z. Toleubekova– Nur-Sultan, 2020. – 154 p.
  3. Land reform: from state monopoly to property diversity: Monograph / N.L.Ozeranskaya, S.K.Makenova, Zh.Z.Toleubekova. Samara, 2021 – Publishing House of the Samara Federal Reasearch Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Teachers have published 6 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals included in the Scopus database, 10 articles in scientific journals recommended by the CCSON.

The teachers of the department have 2 patents and 2 certificates for intellectual property.


International cooperation at the department is carried out in the following areas:

- Exchange programs, educational and scientific internships.

- Joint events: seminars, conferences, symposiums, competitions

- Professional training, retraining and advanced training of teachers, undergraduates, doctoral students.

In the specialty of Land Management, the Department of Land Management has concluded agreements and contracts with the following leading foreign (near and far) universities in the field of land relations:

  1. State University of Land Management (Moscow, Russia);
  2. Warsaw Polytechnic University (Warsaw, Poland);
  3. Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy (Irkutsk, Russia);
  4. D.N. Pryanishnikov Perm State Agricultural Academy (Perm, Russia);
  5. Saint Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Saint Petersburg, Russia);
  6. Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsk, Russia);
  7. Buryat Agricultural Academy (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russian Federation)
  8. Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia).

Educational and scientific programs are also being implemented (academic mobility program and a program to attract foreign scientists). Students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teaching staff are given a huge opportunity to study, undergo internships and improve their qualifications under the academic mobility program in accordance with the concluded contracts.

Foreign scientists were invited to give guest lectures from leading universities of foreign countries:

1. V.L. Tatarintsev - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher of the R&D Department and Professor of the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Altai State University".

The program of the international educational and scientific internship "Innovations in the management of sustainable development of the territory: theory and practice (December 2021).


According to this program, 7 teachers of the Department of Land Management and 6 undergraduates passed advanced training.

2. Dmitry Vladimirovich Moser - Dr. Ing. Berlin, Germany

The program of the international educational and scientific internship "Modern requirements for geodetic works" (April 2022)


According to this program, 5 teachers of the department underwent advanced training.


Student Life

353 students study at the educational program "Land Management", of which 338 are undergraduate, 10 are undergraduates, and 5 are doctoral students. Every year students register for disciplines corresponding to the profile of their specialty. The adviser provides consulting, as well as, if necessary, accompanying students during their studies.

Every year students get acquainted with the academic policy of the university, with the fundamental documents on which academic policy is based, with the code of academic integrity, in order to know their rights and obligations.

The pride of the faculty is our grant students! 95% of students study for free and receive scholarships.

3rd year student, Abzhanova Maliku, Champion of Kazakhstan and World Champion in karate-do, in her weight category. The student is professionally interested in sports, while having a GPA of 3.8 (maximum 4b).

Yeszhan Nurzhan, a 3rd year student, is studying under the LOGO program, within the framework of academic mobility, also has a high GPA score.


Our students have won the Olympiad and scientific competitions.

In 2021, at the Republican Olympiad on specialization 5B090300 –Land Management, teams of students took 3rd place in the overall standings under the guidance of magistrate, senior lecturer of the department "Land Management" Dzhamankulova B.G.

1 team -"Ornament of the Earth" - Kasenalina Anela, Temirgalieva Ainur, Koshketnbai Bakhtiar.

2 teams - " Jerymory " Seyrkali Dina, Suleimenova Aruzhan, Aitmaganbetova Meruert.


Kasenalina Anel Tursunkhanovna, a 3rd–year student of the specialty 5B090300 - Land Management, took 1st place in the competition "The best young scientists and students of the CIS".


At the International scientific and Practical Conference "Seifullin Readings - 18: "Youth and science – a look into the future", students presented scientific research in the field of land and resource management and rational land use.

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